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GRADUATION: Honour for Sussex alum who's now a global tech industry leader

12 July 2019

Simon Segars, CEO of Arm Holdings, will be conferred Honorary Doctor of Science on Thursday, 25 July 2019.

GRADUATION: University honours cosmologist who contributed to Cold Dark Matter theory

12 July 2019

"Big Bang" cosmologist Professor Carlos Frenk CBE will be conferred Honorary Doctor of Science on 26 July, 2019

GRADUATION: Inspirational historian honored for telling the honest story of empire

12 July 2019

Leading social and cultural historian Catherine Hall will be conferred Honorary Doctor of the University on 24 July 2019.

GRADUATION: Honour for social scientist pursuing "mental health-friendly environments"

12 July 2019

Internationally renowned social scientist Professor Nikolas Rose will be conferred Honorary Doctor of the University on 23 July 2019.

GRADUATION: Honorary degree for the physicist who sheds light on the past

12 July 2019

Professor Ann Wintle, who discovered thermoluminescence, will be conferred Honorary Doctor of Science on Monday 22 July 2019.

The tutors who dare to be different

4 July 2019

Winners in the Teaching to Disrupt category of this year's Education Awards share how they are shaking up the classroom.

Sussex alumnae selected for prestigious Obama Foundation rising leaders programme

1 July 2019

Kirsten Brosbøl and Natalia Herbst will be based at Columbia University and will be joined by 30 fellow emerging leaders from around the world.

This Sussex Life: Natalie Bowling, Research Fellow - "Some people can 'inhabit' other people's bodies"

28 June 2019

Sussex psychologist Dr Natalie Bowling will be explaining mirror-touch synaesthesia at The Royal Society’s Summer Science Exhibition,July 1-7.

This Sussex Life: Jane Fairhall, ERT volunteer - "If you see me with a big green bag, you’ll know I’m on a shout”

14 June 2019

Jane Fairhall combines her day job in the University’s admissions office with attending medical incidents as part of the Emergency Response Team.

This Sussex Life: “I have always wanted to explain things to people”

30 May 2019

Shobita Bhumbra, PhD researcher in quantum physics, is among Sussex scientists taking part in Soapbox Science in Brighton on Saturday, 1 June 2019.

Sussex field trip ends in launch of crowdfunding campaign to better equip wildlife rangers in Malawi

10 May 2019

Staff & students from the University of Sussex have launched a crowd-funding campaign to equip wildlife rangers with potentially lifesaving equipment.

This Sussex Life: “My job and my art fulfil different but important parts of my life”

2 May 2019

John Haywood, University of Sussex marketing manager, is also a talented watercolourist. His work is on show during this year's Brighton Festival.

This Sussex Life: "Sometimes it's the small wins that make all the difference"

25 April 2019

Callum Chapman has been elected as the new Students with Disabilities Officer for the University of Sussex Students’ Union.

This Sussex Life: "I'm often at the centre of what's happening."

12 April 2019

Stuart Robinson, the University of Sussex’s photographer, has been visually capturing the life and times of the campus and its community for 32 years

Spotlight on Dr Charlotte Rae

18 March 2019

Spotlight on Dr Charlotte Rae, Research Fellow at the Brighton and Sussex Medical School.

This Sussex Life: "The biggest challenge for me is keeping things alive"

15 March 2019

In all weathers Jaci Driscoll, plant specialist for Sussex Estates and Facilities, can be found on the Sussex campus tending to the flowerbeds.

Seeking balance for International Women's Day 2019

8 March 2019

Women across the Sussex community suggest areas where a greater balance could improve the lives of women – and make societies better.

This Sussex Life: ‘It’s not unusual for five-year-olds to be caring for adults’

7 March 2019

Feylyn Lewis was 11 when she began caring for her mum. Now, as a research fellow, she is looking at the needs of today’s young carers.

This Sussex Life:"My summer graduation video of students' on-stage dances went viral"

22 January 2019

Edd Bains, who is graduating with a Masters in Journalism and Documentary Practice, was a Digital Media Guru before landing a job as a video editor.

"I don't let myself get weighed down by self-doubt"

21 January 2019

Brighton & Hove Albion FC manager Chris Hughton,who is receiving an honorary degree at winter graduation, reveals his survival strategy

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