The Findspots of Bronze Age Metalwork in Lowland England: A New Field Study

Thursday 23 January 19:00 until 20:45
Fulton Building Lecture Theatre B
Speaker: Dr David Dunkin (University of Reading)
Part of the series: University of Sussex Archaeological Society Lectures

A new field study by Dr Dave Dunkin, Dr Dave Yates and Professor Richard Bradley has recently been completed. The study looked at the placement of 333 metalwork sites in SE England. The purpose of the work was to consider whether the siting of Bronze Age metalwork, both single finds and hoards, followed a predictable pattern. All of the findspots were visited on the ground and recorded in order to understand their contexts. The talk will highlight the principal findings of the study. This research showed that a contextual approach to the material will continue to reward future investigations. This will undoubtedly lead to a more nuanced understanding of the deposition of artefacts during this period. The results of the study have been submitted to the Oxford Journal of Archaeology.

US students: free; US staff and USAS members: £3; Others: £4.

Free parking at the University after 5pm. Frequent buses to/from Brighton. The nearest railway station is Falmer.


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By: David Russell Rudling
Last updated: Thursday, 28 November 2019