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Sussex joins consortium to create innovative Centre for Doctoral Training and help transform UK Food Systems

16 October 2020

The University of Sussex has joined a UKRI-funded consortium to help create future leaders to reshape how we make, transport and consume our food.

Academic discovers lost letter to Henry VIII - from the Antichrist

16 October 2020

An archival find reveals how the king was secretly ridiculed for his marriages.

Brexit tariffs will not help the poorest nations, new study finds

15 October 2020

Exports from the world’s poorest nations to the UK will be lower as a result of Brexit, a joint analysis of the UK’s new tariff plans reveals.

Clean and clear: How being more transparent over resources helps cut carbon emissions

14 October 2020

Countries that sign up to improved financial transparency over oil, gas, and mining revenues benefit from significant reductions in carbon emissions.

Feline friendly? How to build rap-paw with your cat – new psychology study

8 October 2020

Sussex psychologists have found a way to help humans bond with cats through eye-narrowing communication.

Parents, not schools, hold the key to maths success

7 October 2020

Parental influence has a far greater impact on a child’s attainment in mathematics than any factor related to school environment, new study shows.

Two's a crowd: Nuclear and renewables don't mix. Only the latter can deliver truly low carbon energy says new study

5 October 2020

If countries want to lower emissions as substantially, rapidly and cost-effectively as possible, they should prioritize renewables.

Voters still in the dark about December’s election campaign spending – new study

28 September 2020

The first major report into online spending in the 2019 election shows a surge in digital campaigning by parties and ‘outriders’.

New study reveals flaws in UK Coronavirus testing system after comparison with other countries

25 September 2020

A comparative analysis led by SPRU academics finds room for improvement in the Find, Test, Trace, Isolate, Support (FTTIS) systems of six countries.

Sustainable Development Goals essential for the UK Government’s pandemic recovery

14 September 2020

Sussex Sustainability Research Programme (SSRP) provides evidence to new All-Party Parliamentary Group report.

Binge-drinkers’ brains have to work harder to feel empathy for others

10 September 2020

New research shows that binge-drinkers’ brains have to put more effort into trying to feel empathy for other people in pain.

Why the Government should be using post-Brexit trade policy to deliver on the promise of net zero

9 September 2020

The Government’s current approach to negotiating post-Brexit trade deals is setting the UK up to fail its net zero targets, new analysis warns.

Lockdown at home less stressful than school for children with SEND, new study finds

2 September 2020

The majority of children with SEND felt less stress and anxiety away from school and at home during lockdown, according to a survey of parent carers.

Majority of groundwater stores resilient to climate change

27 August 2020

A new study suggests fewer resources are depleting than previously estimated, but authors urge caution in unsustainable extraction levels.

Address major holes in ozone hole treaty to avert stronger climate change and serious health risks, experts warn

26 August 2020

A new paper, co-authored by a Sussex scientist, has revealed major holes in an international treaty designed to help repair the ozone layer.

Sussex study enables predicting computational power of early quantum computers

24 August 2020

University of Sussex quantum physicists have developed an algorithm which helps early quantum computers to perform calculations most efficiently...

Creative graduates more entrepreneurial and as employable as peers, new study finds

21 August 2020

Graduates in creative subjects suffer no deficit in earnings to students of supposedly “higher value” degrees such as biology, languages or psychology

Working from home is more effective than keeping kids off school in tackling Covid – new study

20 August 2020

A new study from University of Sussex mathematicians shows that working from home is more effective than keeping kids off school in tackling Covid-19.

People outside early hit cities may be most at risk from second Covid wave

14 August 2020

People outside early hit cities may be particularly vulnerable in a second wave due to the large susceptible populations, shows new Sussex research.

TV-watching snackers beware: you won’t notice you’re full if your attention is elsewhere

12 August 2020

Eating while doing something perceptually demanding makes it more difficult to notice when you feel full - new research from the University of Sussex.

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