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Department of Mathematics congratulates winner of the world’s most prestigious maths prize

6 August 2018

Professor Figalli is a winner of the prestigious prize and is a research co-author of Dr Filippo Cagnetti, Senior Lecturer in Mathematics at Sussex.

Bin the bug spray now: New study shows EU pesticide ban is failing to protect suburban bee populations

24 July 2018

Bees living in suburban habitats are still exposed to significant levels of pesticides despite a EU ban on neonicotinoids on flowering crops.

Climate change will only affect the economic growth of the poorest nations

23 July 2018

New research reveals a negative causal relation between productivity growth and temperature shocks in the past.

The clock is ticking for UK food security unless a deal is done, says new report

23 July 2018

The Government is making a mistake in proposing close alignment with the EU only for farming and manufacturing, not for retail or food services.

Photographer challenges visual stereotypes of the developing world

23 July 2018

A doctoral researcher at Sussex claims many organisations working in Africa are using stereotyped images in their fundraising appeals and reporting.

Hidden history of BBC response to Britain's increasing cultural diversity revealed in new digital history project

20 July 2018

The Connected Histories of the BBC project, running until the BBC centenary in 2022, is curated by Professor David Hendy and Sussex Humanities Lab.

How Sussex’s wild past could help shape its future

13 July 2018

Academics and students are working with a Brighton artist to recreate how Sussex looked 125,000 years ago.

“Regulatory barriers likely to be contentious and most significant obstacles to UK-US trade”

12 July 2018

UKTPO's latest research explores public support for, the benefits of and the key obstacles to a UK-US trade agreement.

Frustrated with football’s pain fakers? Blame evolution – according to a new Sussex study

12 July 2018

Psychologists at University of Sussex discover that we can fake pain convincingly.

Leading sustainability experts call for more efficient approach to deliver UN goals

11 July 2018

Dozens of global sustainability experts and stakeholders have called for urgent action to deliver UN goals.

Volt-face: Research advises selling electric vehicles to untapped market of women

4 July 2018

Highly educated women are an untapped market for electric vehicle sales because they have greater environmental and fuel efficiency awareness than men

100 times faster broadband is coming: 5G passes first test for indoor coverage at University of Sussex

4 July 2018

Initial testing on the next generation of mobile technology with the capability of delivering 100 times faster broadband has been successful.

Grassland project to create a living lab on campus

4 July 2018

A project to restore an areas of chalky grassland on campus will help rare plants and creatures to thrive.

Researchers create an open access database on emotional responses to multisensorial stimuli

2 July 2018

Researchers have created the world’s first open-access database on participants’ responses to visual, auditory and haptic stimuli.

Care home residents with scabies going undiagnosed due to different symptoms

28 June 2018

Elderly residents in residential and nursing care are missing out on being diagnosed with scabies, say BSMS researchers.

Humans can judge someone’s height and strength by the sound of their ‘roar’

28 June 2018

A first-of-its-kind study sheds light on the survival of the human race.

Major new project to examine the politics of fracking in the UK

21 June 2018

Researchers aim to discover whether shale gas exploration is the route to a low carbon future or a costly detour for the energy industry.

NASA to test Sussex physicist’s atomic bubble trap theory in space

19 June 2018

Professor Barry Garraway's 18-year-old theory about cooled atoms will be put to the test on the International Space Station.

Brighton & Hove: where do they get their energy from?

15 June 2018

200 years after the city's first energy company was founded, an event will explore how future energy policy can benefit those in Brighton and beyond.

UK’s first clinic to prevent family transmission of anxiety launches in Sussex

15 June 2018

The UK’s first clinic to prevent family transmission of anxiety launches in Sussex today, Friday 15 June.

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