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Academics propose UK alternative to Galileo at just 3% of the cost of EU satellite project

20 February 2019

Plans have been drawn-up that would give the UK a more effective satellite navigation system at a fraction of the price of the £9bn Galileo project.

Schools needed for Sussex scientists' 'watch and learn' project, connecting pupils with nature

12 February 2019

Two researchers from the University of Sussex are looking for schools to take part in a project which will help pupils engage with wildlife.

University of Sussex VC proposes way forward for UK to remain world leader on open-access research

4 February 2019

The UK is set to hit target of making all products of academic research freely available by 2020 but its position as a world-leader is under threat

End of an era: Why Brexit threatens London’s position as Europe’s financial powerhouse

4 February 2019

The Government’s presumption it can negotiate a deal to prevent UK-based banks being frozen out after Brexit is highly likely to be proven wrong.

Sussex secures second round of ESRC impact funding to tackle real world problems

1 February 2019

The University has been awarded just over £1m in funding from the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) Impact Acceleration Account (IAA).

How the 2011 riots spread: new evidence shows sense of identity was key

31 January 2019

Riots spread from Tottenham in specific waves: it was not mindless ‘contagion’.

Smell technology takes global elite from snowy slopes of Davos to rainforest in just one sniff

23 January 2019

Innovative research into the potential of the human sense of smell is being demonstrated in front of the world’s most influential leaders.

Threat of financial sanctions needed to accelerate progress on financial sector’s gender pay gap problem

21 January 2019

Financial services companies need to show greater commitment to adequately remedying their gender pay gap or face sanctions, academics recommend.

Best friends like the Kardashians? Or rivals like the Milibands? How sibling relationships form

17 January 2019

How do sibling relationships form? Sussex researchers seek mums expecting baby number two

Research reveals mechanism for leukaemia cell growth prompting hopes for new treatment strategies

17 January 2019

A mechanism which drives leukaemia cell growth has been discovered by scientists who believe their findings could inform new treatment strategies.

A golden era for podcasts: why we’re all obsessed

10 January 2019

Authors Dr Martin Spinelli and Dr Lance Dann are academics, broadcasters and podcasters.

How game theory can bring humans and robots closer together

7 January 2019

Researchers have for the first time used game theory to enable robots to assist humans in a safe and versatile manner.

Creative technology academic to explore protecting workers’ rights in the digital age as part of £1.2m project

21 December 2018

The University of Sussex is involved in a major research project alongside Google and the BBC aimed at making digital services fairer for all.

Computer hardware originally designed for 3D games could hold the key to replicating the human brain

19 December 2018

Researchers have created the fastest and most energy efficient simulation of part of a rat brain using off-the-shelf computer hardware.

Study identifies 66 alien plant and animal species that pose greatest threat to European biodiversity

13 December 2018

Plant and animal species that pose the biggest threat to biodiversity should they arrive in the European Union have been identified in a new study.

Leaving the EU without a deal could cost almost three-quarters of a million workers in Britain their jobs

11 December 2018

A no deal Brexit would threaten jobs around the country but some places will suffer more than others, a UK Trade Policy Observatory study warns.

Smelling the forest, not the trees: Why animals are better at sniffing out complex smells than individual compounds

10 December 2018

Animals are much better at smelling a complex “soup” of odorants rather than a single pure ingredient, a new study has revealed.

Spaces to be uncertain: New initiative calls for conformity to be challenged in the classroom

10 December 2018

A new campaign is urging teachers and pupils to be allowed to embrace uncertainty and explore new ways to engage with knowledge.

University of Sussex recognised in UK’s Best Breakthroughs list

6 December 2018

Sussex research into child mental health has been named as one of the UK’s 100 best breakthroughs for impact on people’s everyday lives.

Councils advised to set up ‘food resilience teams’ to prepare for Brexit

30 November 2018

Local authorities should set up “food resilience teams” to prepare for different Brexit scenarios, according to advice written by food policy experts.

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