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University of Sussex students take up summer internships to help local businesses recover from Covid-19

7 August 2020

The University Higher Education Innovation Fund (HEIF) and Santander Universities UK are co-funding 30 intern positions supporting local businesses.

MA graduate awarded doctoral studentship as Sussex partners with Towner Eastbourne

5 August 2020

A Sussex graduate has been awarded a doctoral studentship allowing her to lead research into gender imbalance in UK regional museum collections.

This Sussex Life. Rob Fowler: "It was important that we found a safe way to continue working."

30 July 2020

Dr Rob Fowler, Head of Technical Services for Life Sciences, is among those helping to get campus open again safely during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Graduation 2020: "The University of Sussex encouraged me to explore different aspects of myself"

24 July 2020

In his four years at Sussex, self-confessed class clown Ebenezer Egunlae learnt how to take on more responsibility without losing his sense of fun.

Graduation 2020: “I will always attribute my growth in confidence to the faculty in the School of English”

24 July 2020

Graduating with a First Class BA Hons in English Literature, Eleshea Williams has already landed a job to help advocate for educational change.

Graduation 2020: "I did not always believe that I was intelligent enough to go to university"

24 July 2020

Home schooling provided social work graduate Rosy Guroo with a strong work ethic but also self-doubt about her educational development.

This Sussex Life. Caroline Lehany: “This would have been our biggest ever graduation"

23 July 2020

Caroline Lehany, Head of Graduation and Corporate Events, reflects on what has been a week of celebration.

Graduation 2020: the mixture of South Downs, the beach and the Lanes means there’s lots of explore at Sussex

23 July 2020

Jade Samways has graduated with a first class degree in Psychology. She tells us why she loves Sussex and how her supervisor inspired her.

Graduation 2020: "Sussex has helped me to learn more about myself as a writer”

23 July 2020

Shaznay Martin graduates this summer and hopes to own a production company focusing on black and brown women, and LGBT representation.

Graduation 2020: "I thought my anxiety would be a barrier from attending university"

23 July 2020

Having come to terms with her anxiety at university, Amy Knight now uses her experiences to be a strong advocate for mental wellbeing provision.

Sussex professor to oversee global scientific assessment for Cambridge University Press's new Sustainability Series

22 July 2020

Cambridge Sustainability Commissions is a new series of scientific assessments on sustainable behaviour change.

SPRU professor receives project management honour

22 July 2020

Professor Andrew Davies has been named an Honorary Fellow of the The Association for Project Management (APM).

Graduation 2020: "I knew I wanted to prove people wrong”

22 July 2020

Failing her A-Levels at the first attempt did not stop accounting and finance graduate Cynthia Royer from reaching, and excelling in, higher education

Graduation 2020: “Sussex has been an amazing place to pursue an academic path."

21 July 2020

Rachel Dickerson has graduated this summer with a first class degree in mathematics from the School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences.

Graduation 2020: "These troubling times that we face teach us to adapt more than ever"

21 July 2020

International Business student Mathilde B overcame pneumonia in her final year to achieve first-class honours.

Four outstanding students celebrate winning MacQuitty Prize

16 July 2020

An unprecedented number of students will benefit from the generosity of a Sussex alumnus after achieving exceptional final results.

Landmark case could give ‘Rights of Nature’ to endangered forests

16 July 2020

Sussex researcher to provide evidence in legal case that could set a world precedent by invoking the ‘Rights of Nature’ to protect forests in Ecuador.

Dr Zahira Jaser, University of Sussex Business School: "It took great self-belief and courage to stand tall."

13 July 2020

Dr Zahira Jaser reflects on how her first career in corporate banking is helping her to envision women in leadership roles.

University of Sussex academics respond to Chancellor's Plan for Jobs

8 July 2020

Rishi Sunak advised by our experts that billions more public funding needed to fix the leakiest, least energy efficient housing in Europe.

This Sussex Life: MSc student James Bowyer: “I loved being on the Sussex StartUp programme”

6 July 2020

James Bowyer developed his award-winning Reviso-ai, an online revision tool for students and researchers, while studying at Sussex.

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