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Sussex neuroscientist stars in new Werner Herzog-linked Netflix documentary

14 August 2018

Professor Anil Seth features as one of nine world-renowned experts sharing ideas in a new Vice Media documentary.

Trump’s nation state foreign policy risks taking the world back a century to pre-World War powder keg

10 August 2018

Donald Trump is marching global politics back more than a century to the tinder-box tensions that ultimately led to two world wars, historian warns.

Boris comments legitimises Islamophobic sentiment says "burqa ban" challenge legal advisor

10 August 2018

A human rights expert has criticised Boris Johnson claiming his comments on women who wear burqas “legitimise Islamophobic sentiment”.

Saul Becker to be patron of unpaid-carers charity in Brighton

10 August 2018

Professor Saul Becker, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, is to be patron of the Carers Centre for Brighton & Hove, a local charity supporting unpaid carers.

“Pride is important because some people’s troubles are only just beginning”

2 August 2018

Coby Sharpe, a technician in the Media Technology Lab within Informatics, is taking part in this year’s Brighton & Hove Pride parade.

The PhD student aiming to become next natural history star of the Bee-Bee-C

31 July 2018

Gigi Henessy has entered a competition to find a fresh new presenter who offers a different perspective on all things natural history and science.

Dancing with computers

18 July 2018

Elizabeth Churchill, Director of User Experience at Google, describes how Sussex inspired her interest in human-computer interaction.

“It’s not the wars that take me back to those places, it’s the people and their culture”

18 July 2018

Lyse Doucet, who will become an honorary Doctor of the University at summer graduation, describes life as the BBC's Chief International Correspondent.

"My life began in England"

18 July 2018

Austrian-born journalist Hella Pick CBE, who will become an honorary Doctor of the University at this summer’s graduation, talks about her life.

Call for Sussex to help create unique library to inspire future generations of scientists 6,000 miles away

9 July 2018

A Sussex researcher wants to encourage the next generation of scientists in her homeland by helping to create a one-of-a-kind library in Rwanda.

Theatrical magic: how one Sussex academic is aiming to enchant crowds at Edinburgh Fringe this summer

27 June 2018

‘Vincent Gambini’ will be wowing Edinburgh audiences with a new show combining sleight-of-hand magic and contemporary theatre.

Much more than hats and a canal: Lone Panamanian student urges neutrals to back his heroes at the World Cup

21 June 2018

Panamanian student Anibal Cardenas Mosquera will be cheering his homeland on at a screening of the game with England at the Community Festival.

How University of Sussex researchers are bringing female scientists in the city together

20 June 2018

Two researchers are looking to bring together scientists of all descriptions in Brighton & Hove in a new campaigning support group.

Sussex student named new National Disability Arts Collection and Archive Chair

15 June 2018

Jon Pratty will balance the new role with study for an MA in Cultural and Creative Industries at the University.

Compelling and innovative study of Black Power receives nomination for prestigious first book prize

8 June 2018

American History lecturer Dr Tom Davies has been shortlisted for the prestigious 2018 Gladstone Prize.

All that glitters: Sussex celebrates disco 40 years on from ‘Le Freak’

8 June 2018

Singer David McAlmont will be among those joining a three-day exploration of disco culture at the Attenborough Centre.

Successful Soapbox Science event teaches beachgoers a little more about themselves

5 June 2018

A dozen female scientists donned their white coats to deliver inspiring talks on their areas of expertise for the second ever Soapbox Science.

Outreach at the beach: University of Sussex to bring science to the seaside

1 June 2018

A dozen female scientists will be stepping on to their soapbox for the second ever Soapbox Science event to deliver talks on their area of expertise.

Student's 'floating farm' could help prevent future food crisis

31 May 2018

A University of Sussex product design student has created environmentally friendly sea rafts with a self-watering system for plants.

Raising the baa: University of Sussex student design could become new Shaun the Sheep toy

25 May 2018

Product design students have had the unique opportunity of pitching toy design concepts to the Oscar®-winning studio Aardman.

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