Coronavirus Covid-19

The University of Sussex is responding to the situation regarding the Covid-19 coronavirus and is taking all appropriate measures.

4 August 2020

The University's campus remains largely closed, although some services and lab-based activities are being slowly reintroduced in a Covid-19-safe way. We are preparing for a mix of campus-based and remote learning in the autumn term.

The University began online teaching from Monday 23 March, after the University Executive Group decided to suspend all teaching because of the worldwide coronavirus outbreak.

We listened to our whole community in coming to this decision and we believe strongly it is the right one for all.

The wellbeing of our staff and students will always be our number one priority. Staff and students are now working and studying off-campus, with the exception of:

  • students who remain in on-campus residences
  • staff who provide essential services to them
  • some staff carrying out non-student-related but essential activities  
  • a small number of lab-based staff and others who have been cleared to return to campus

In the summer term of 2019-20, we extended assessment deadlines and guaranteed that students' grades would not fall below - but could be higher than - their average for the first semester, provided they passed.

We did not charge rent for students who left their University accommodation because of coronavirus.

This summer's graduation ceremonies were postponed and will be held when it is safe to do so. Students still graduated as normal but the in-person celebrations will take place at a later date. The University ran a 'Sussex Grad At Home' campaign to help students mark their graduations from home.

Our next academic year starts on Monday 21 September with teaching beginning the week after on the 28 September. There will be a mix of campus-based learning experiences and remote approaches. We are planning some on-campus classroom and laboratory-based teaching, including small group work, seminars and tutorials, and we will ensure that there is plenty of space to adhere to social distancing rules.  

Some research laboratories on the University of Sussex campus have re-opened and the University's Library has started a click-and-collect service for those with a University ID.

In these extraordinary times, the University is working with organisations and communities to contribute towards local, national and global efforts against the coronavirus pandemic. You can read more about our response to Covid-19.

Further information

Like everyone, students and staff should continue to follow official guidance, which you can find here:

We will of course communicate at the earliest opportunity if there are any significant developments to share with our community. This page will be updated as and when information becomes available and you can see the guidance we have been sharing with our students here.