Health, Safety and Wellbeing

Covid-19 Symptoms or self isolation reporting form

If you are student that is self-isolating information on the available support including meal deliveries for on campus students is available here

Data Protection

Covid-19 Symptoms Reporting Form – information sheet

1.            Overview

1.1          In managing the return of staff and students to campus, the University will ensure that it continues to provide a safe environment for people to work and study and that appropriate measures are in place to support compliance with Government guidance.

1.2          As part of that, the University will need to collect and process personal data about staff, students and third parties, including health data. This includes the data we will collect in our COVID-19 Symptoms Reporting Form (‘Reporting Form’).

2.            Data Protection principles

2.1          The Information Commissioner has published ‘Six data protection principles for organisations[1] which set out the key steps that organisations need to consider about the use of personal data as lockdown restrictions start to ease and organisations and business reopen.

2.2          In collecting and processing your personal data, the University will:

2.2.1      Only collect and use what’s necessary

2.2.2      Keep data to a minimum

2.2.3      Be clear, open and honest about the use of your data

2.2.4      Treat you fairly

2.2.5      Keep your information secure

2.2.6      Ensure that you can exercise your information rights.

3.            How will your data be used

3.1          The information that we collect in the Reporting Form will be used for the following purposes:

3.1.1      To inform decisions that the University and campus partners take to protect the health of members of the University community and site visitors.

3.1.2      To ensure and record that relevant members of the University are self-isolating and, where this self-isolation is in University owned accommodation, that this is recorded in order protect the health of staff of the University and our campus partners.

3.1.3      So that the University can follow up on queries asked by individuals completing the Reporting Form or where follow up is required to ensure that reasonable steps have been taken to protect the health of other members of the University community.

4.            Who will your data be shared with

4.1          Details provided in the Reporting Form will be held by the Health and Safety Team and only accessible by relevant individuals in the team.

4.2          Information will only be shared with other University staff – including those within your School or Division – where it is necessary for the purposes of protecting the health of members of the University community. Where possible, we will not disclose any personal data but, where that is required, it will be limited to what is needed.

4.3          Information will only be shared with parties outside of the University, such as our campus partners, where it is necessary. We will not disclose any personal data where it is not required, for example, to arrange for a general area on campus to be cleaned. In some cases, though, we will need to disclose your personal data, for example to the Building Managers or Security team in Sussex Estates & Facilities, but that will only be where it is necessary to protect the health of members of the University community and we will only share what personal data is necessary.

5.            Retention and deletion of data

5.1          All personal data will be held in line with the University’s Data Protection Policy and appropriate measures will be in place to keep your data secure.

5.2          Personal data will only be held for as long as is necessary for the purposes in 3.1 and will be deleted once it is no longer needed for those purposes, for example, when the risk of further covid-19 infections has reduced to appropriate levels.

6              Further information

6.1          If you require further information about the Reporting Form or how the Health and Safety team will use the reported information, please contact them at

6.2          If you require further information about how your personal data will be used, or if you wish to exercise your information rights please contact the Data Protection Officer at