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Biology lecturer Dr Chris Sandom has helped create a new exhibition at Brighton's ONCA gallery

Through the Bush Backwards

How Sussex's wild past could help shape it's future.

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Blame evolution for football's pain fakers

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Call for more efficient approach to deliver on UN goals

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The Prodigal Tongue

Lynne Murphy, Professor of Linguistics at Sussex, explains why she wrote The Prodigal Tongue, a wry examination of the welcome and unwelcome influences and exchanges in language between American and British English...

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Our University 

How Lord Attenborough brought a touch of glamour to Sussex

25 June 2018

When Lord Olivier, Sir Dirk Bogarde and Noel Coward graced the stage of graduation.

Preparations hot up for second-ever Sussex Community Festival

15 June 2018

It’s beginning to hot up for the University of Sussex’s second-ever Community Festival, which returns on Sunday 24 June.

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Our people

Dancing with computers

18 July 2018

Elizabeth Churchill, Director of User Experience at Google, describes how Sussex inspired her interest in human-computer interaction.

“It’s not the wars that take me back to those places, it’s the people and their culture”

18 July 2018

Lyse Doucet, who will become an honorary Doctor of the University at summer graduation, describes life as the BBC's Chief International Correspondent.

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Our research

Hidden history of BBC response to Britain's increasing cultural diversity revealed in new digital history project

20 July 2018

The Connected Histories of the BBC project, running until the BBC centenary in 2022, is curated by Professor David Hendy and Sussex Humanities Lab.

How Sussex’s wild past could help shape its future

13 July 2018

Academics and students are working with a Brighton artist to recreate how Sussex looked 125,000 years ago.

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Through The Bush Backwards