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Sam Newman

'It's really clever how they do things at Sussex. It's built up around you slowly in the first year, so you might not realise at the time why you are doing one thing, then all of a sudden you can do something far more complex and better without even realising it! The module I've most enjoyed is Professional Issues in Computing, because the seminars provide a platform for intellectual debate on many cutting edge topics, such as privacy issues surrounding sites like Facebook. Sussex is a great democratic university as the students here are really involved in how things are run. And the support network is incredible. Don't be afraid to ask for help about anything. You can talk to your academic advisor about any problems with your course and they will look into any issues for you. My student advisor is amazing when it comes to talking about course issues, life issues, anything really! Totally accessible when I need her. If those two can't help with what you need, they will point you in the direction of someone who can.'

Sam Newman
Multimedia and Digital Systems BSc student


Video transcript

I'm Chloe. I'm a Digital Media student in my final year here at Sussex.

I really like badminton, rock climbing - I've joined the mountaineering club here at Sussex, and I love playing video games!


I chose Sussex because it has a really unique course.

So, I'm doing Computing for Digital Media, which no other university does.

And that includes a good balance of computer science and also design work - a more creative side to it.


I remember fresher's week being a lot of fun.

There were going in nights and going out nights.

I was quite nervous.... (umm) and it was quite daunting.

But they had so many events where you could go and meet people and just have a lot of fun.

So I remember going to a Sussex dance taster session with the Dance Society and it was street dance and I was absolutely awful.

But, I got to meet some really nice people there.


My course had some really fun modules.

I remember the video production module being so much fun, especially being in the Media Technologies Lab, which had a great studio set up.

And also the teachers were amazing - Patrick and Kobe.

They had so much enthusiasm for the course and it made it really enjoyable.

Sussex has a great support system, so you get a student advisor... (umm) an academic advisor.

So that's a Professor in the school that can help you with academia stuff.

So I was feeling a bit overwhelmed, and I got help from Jolane from the Student Centre.

That helped me put some things back on track.


At the start of university, I didn't know how to cook, (laughs) but now I can cook at least something!


As it's my final year of university, I'll be graduating in the summer....

(umm) So the plan is to do a postgraduate course or a certificate in design.

So I'm currently doing Computing for Digital Media and now I want to explore more the creative side of it as well.

I think the course is very important.


You've got to love the course because you'll be studying it for three years.

Really check out the modules that are in the course itself, and make sure there's something you're interested in.

And also definitely come to our Applicant Visit Day.

It made such a big difference to me and really confirmed that I wanted to come to Sussex..