The storyteller celebrating the farmers who feed the world

Use the skills you've learned in and out of the classroom to make a difference in the real-world. At Sussex, you'll learn from renowned academics, and build knowledge and skills for your future career. Meet alumnus, Tom Takezoe, who says Sussex helped prepare him for his role at environmental organisation, The Gaia Foundation.

Tom Takezoe

Tom's story

"I joined the Gaia Foundation because I wanted to work with a radical environmental organisation that operates at grassroots level and focuses on positive stories around the world.

"Collaborating with farmers, NGOs and photographers, I research, set up photoshoots and write stories about farming communities for the We Feed the World project, which celebrates the smallscale farmers who produce 70% of the world’s food.

"Telling farmers’ stories is important to me because the politics of food tackles the issues of inequality and wellbeing, as well as being at the heart of our relationship with the environment. Small-scale farmers are key to feeding the world but also to maintaining and caring for soils, water and biodiversity.

If you want to create change, Sussex can help you down that path … You can really focus on issues you feel passionate about.” Tom Takezoe

"Sussex prepared me for this work, building my communication, research and analytical skills, as well as encouraging my ideological and political development. It exposed me to diverse thinkers who have a genuine desire to create change. Surrounded by this inspiring atmosphere and feeding off the energy of so many active students and professors, I became heavily involved in the food justice movement.

"If you want to create change, Sussex can help you down that path. Courses are flexible and can be easily adapted to fit your interests. You can really focus on issues you feel passionate about."

Find out more about the Gaia Foundation and the We Feed the World project.

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