Evolutionary and Adaptive Systems (EASY)


MSc in Intelligent and Adaptive Systems

Since 1996, the University of Sussex has been offering a Master of Science (MSc) degree in Evolutionary and Adaptive Systems. On this programme, now renamed the Intelligent and Adaptive Systems (IAS) MSc, students initially follow taught courses, in preparation for an individual research project leading to a Masters thesis. The degree can be taken in one year full time, or part time over two years. Some funding is avilable for outstanding applicants. The study of natural and artificial evolutionary and adaptive systems are at the heart of important emerging approaches to artificial intelligence, cognitive science, computational biology and related areas. Sussex is internationally renowned for its research in these interdisciplinary areas and has probably the world's largest group in this field. The IAS MSc provides a solid grounding in the major themes of the area, including: artificial life, adaptive systems, biologically inspired robotics, complex adaptive systems, dynamical systems approaches to cognition, evolutionary systems and evolutionary computing, natural and artificial neural systems. This well established programme (formally the EASy MSc) is taught by leading experts and there are many opportunities to interact with the thriving local community of researchers in this field. Students have access to specialist facilities including robotics labs. During the summer term a dissertation project is undertaken under the supervision of a member of faculty; this gives students the opportunity to further develop what they have learnt in the context of a piece of research. It is not unusual for work from dissertation project to be published in conference proceeding or journals.

Of the large numbers of students who have graduated from the IAS MSc, many have gone on to glittering careers in academic or industrial research, in leading labs all over the world. Others have forged thriving business careers, with several setting up highly successful companies.

Due to a generous donation from Andrew Pegge, further increased by funding from the Department of Innovation, the Pegge Scholarship is awarded annually to postgraduate students taking the MSc in Evolutionary and Adaptive Systems. The scholarship is open to all, and awarded on merit; the awarding committee has the discretion, according to circumstances, to award fees plus maintenance, or fees-only. All applicants for the IAS MSc will be automatically considered for the Scholarship.

Please download our IAS MSc Flyer to make others aware of the IAS MSc.