The activities of the AI research group are diverse with excellence in research, teaching and engagement. Below we showcase a few examples of our work.

Brains on Board

What if we could design an autonomous flying robot with the navigational and learning abilities of a honeybee?

Such a computationally and energy-efficient autonomous robot would represent a step-change in robotics technology and is precisely what the ‘Brains on Board’ project aims to achieve

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AI Landscape Modelling

Machine learning technologies have the potential to provide ordinary citizens with the ability to examine the landscapes in which they live and imagine how that landscape might be altered and improved.

By putting the right tools in peoples' hands, this could lead to the democratisation of conservation and land planning, at a time when (i) individuals, businesses and local government are becoming more concerned about landscape biodiversity; and (ii) changes to planning rules are likely to lead to major proposed alterations to local environments.

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