Aaron Omeroglu

Aaron joined Sussex on a Social Sciences Foundation Year in 2016 and is now completing his Law degree. After just missing out on his grades he was offered the Foundation Year as an alternative and says he’s so glad to have taken up the opportunity.

Aaron Omeroglu

Foundation Year: Aaron’s experience

Sussex was my first choice as I knew the good reputation Sussex had and I wanted to live at home during my degree. At college we’d had a few talks from Sussex staff, including a lecturer who gave us a talk on Civil Rights in America, so there was already that interaction with the university.

On results day I missed my grades to study Law at Sussex and was offered a place on a Social Science Foundation Year. I was pretty devastated at first as I didn’t know what a Foundation Year was. I spoke to a really empathetic girl on the phone who explained the Foundation Year to me and once I understood more, I accepted that day. I thought ‘oh well, it’s only a year – and at least I’m at Sussex.’ 

Despite my initial disappointment, I’m so glad now that I did that year – it’s been really good for me. I loved the Foundation Year as I met so many people who were interested in a real range of subject areas and I got exposed to a wide variety of different ways of thinking – for law in particular you need that – so it was excellent for me.

In the Social Sciences Foundation Year you study a breath of subject areas including law, politics, sociology, academic development and global studies. One thing I really loved was how many conversations there were in seminars because of the variety of perspectives in the room. 

I’ve made so many friends through the Foundation Year from different courses who are still my friends, so it was good for that too.

I’d recommend Sussex to you no matter who you are. Whatever your interests or thoughts are you’ll be accepted and heard.” AARON OMEROGLU
Social Sciences Foundation Year followed by LLB Law (Hons)

I’ve enjoyed my Law degree – it was what I really wanted to study. My Foundation Year set me up brilliantly for it – particularly with reading and referencing skills and academic thought in general. The academics have been great. They have helped me with guidance academically and in thinking about my future. They teach with a passion that makes you passionate too, but also provide an extra layer of support in a very friendly way. 

Brighton is a great city for students. It doesn’t matter who you are, there is a place for you in Brighton – there are good nightclubs, restaurants and shops and the big bonus of the sea. And of course, the football stadium too – I’m a big Brighton fan. 

Now I’ve reached the end of my final year, I’m considering my next steps. I’ll either work for a year or do a Masters then do an SQE course to become a solicitor and then hopefully a barrister. 

I was worried about my college friends graduating before me – but now I think the more time at uni the better! If you do a Foundation Year, you’ll be in a better position when you go into year one – it’s a year for your creativity to thrive and I’d really recommend it.

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