Our advisory board

Our advisory board of external professionals strengthens our connections with business and industry. Some of our board members are Sussex alumni, and many have extensive experience of international business through their work in countries across the world.

A group of professionals in a board room, representing our School's advisory board

What does our advisory board do?

The board's role is to advise the University of Sussex Business School on our strategy, teaching, research and internationalism, and to contribute to the skills and knowledge of our staff. They also review the School's activities to make sure we're upholding our standards in ethics, responsibility and sustainability.

Our staff and students benefit from the advisory board members' experience, as they help to ensure that our practices and our courses are relevant, up-to-date and reflective of industry needs.

Advisory board members also create opportunities to connect with organisations, such as research collaborations or work experience opportunities for students.

Advisory board members


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