Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics


Find out more about our AMO research groups and themes:

Quantum metrology, Bose-Einstein condensates, entanglement

Professor Jacob Dunningham

Find out more about Professor Dunningham's work with Quantum Metrology

Trapped Ultracold Atoms

Theoretical Quantum Optics

Professor Barry Garraway

Find out more about  Professor Garraway's work with Trapped Ultracold Atoms and Theoretical Quantum Optics

Ion Quantum Technology

Professor Winfried Hensinger

Professor Sebastian Weidt

Find out more about Ion Quantum Technology and the IQT group

Ion Trap Cavity-QED and Molecular Physics 

Professor Matthias Keller

Find out more about Physics of Molecular Ions and Trapped Ion Cavity-QED and the ITCM group

Electrons in Quantum Circuits

Professor Jose Verdu Galiana

Find out more about Professor Galiana's work with Electrons in Quantum Circuits