Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics

About us

Our work includes both experimental and theoretical approaches, with a particular focus on quantum physics and the rapidly developing field of quantum technology. Our five experimental groups and three independent research faculty form the core of both the Sussex Centre for Quantum Technologies and the Sussex Programme for Qauntum Research - initiatives set up by the University to support and promote quantum research as an area of particular excellence at Sussex.

Experimental AMO physics faculty

Winfried Hensinger: Experimental quantum computing with ultracold ions, quantum optics, coupled atomic-condensed matter systems in the quantum domain, foundations of quantum mechanics
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Hensinger group web page.

Matthias Keller: Ion-trap design, trapped ion cavity-QED, physics of molecular ions
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Alessia Pasquazi: Ultrafast photonics Contact information: Alessia Pasquazi

Marco Peccianti: Tera-Hertz Imaging Advances: Looking with Tera-Hertz Eyes Contact information: Marco Peccianti

Jose Verdu: Electrons and atoms in quantum circuits
Contact information: Jose Verdu

Peter Kruger & Fedja Orucevic: Fundamental and applied research into ultracold atomic gases deployed as magnetic sensors  Contact information: Peter KrugerContact information: Fedja Orucevic

Theoretical AMO physics faculty

Jacob Dunningham: Quantum metrology, Bose-Einstein condensates, entanglement Contact information: Jacob Dunningham

Barry Garraway (Leverhulme research fellow): Theoretical quantum optics, cold atom traps and BEC, molecular control, and femtosecond processes. Quantum information processing and decoherence
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