Sussex Asia Centre

Religion and Popular Culture

Sussex Asia's expertise extends across Asia's sub-regions and simultaneously criss-crosses a distinctive range of thematic concerns. Our research is informed by but not limited to the following over-reaching concerns:

Filippo Osella has spent several decades conducting research on Islamic networks that connect the societies of India’s western seaboard to the Arabian Peninsula. Raminder Kaur’s work addresses the transnational activities of performers, artists and musicians in relationship to critical issues including the afterlife of the experience of partition amongst South Asian communities in the UK. Luke Robinson works on Chinese documentary film-making, addressing amongst much else the genre’s transnational dimensions. Yunlong Jia is completing a Phd supported by a prestigious Sussex China Scholarship award on the religious aspects of Iranian migrant life in Istanbul.

We’re also laying the ground for further research in this area, most notably through work on a project that will focus on transnational networks of Asian internationalists.