Sussex Asia Centre

Iran, Central Asia & the Silk Road: Critical Perspectives

The Schools of Global Studies, Education and Social Work, as well as the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) have a combined expertise in the study of the changing dynamics of Central Asia and Iran.

Critical work in the field includes: flows of migrants and commodities between China and Central/ West Asia; infrastructure and development; transnational Afghan trading networks; borders and borderlands in South and Central Asia; transformations in Iran's Higher Education environment; Islam and society in Central Asia; gender, migration and poverty in Tajikistan; care and social work in Western China; Iranian diasporic community.

In addition, the USAC is highly active in facilitating and building partnerships as well as collaborative relationships with various institutions either within Asia or with a focus on Asia. The activities include but not limited to academic exchanges, postgraduate connections and bridge building exercises (e.g. Sussex-Copenhagen ERASMUS Scheme; Bergen Chi Michelsen Institute and Kabul Peace Training and Research Organization).

Contributors Include:

Professor Magnus Marsden (Anthropology)

Dr Shandana Mohmand (Fellow- IDS)

Dr Diana Ibanez Tirado (Anthropology)

Dr Saheira Haliel (Anthropology)

External Research Associates:

Dr Aziz Ahmad Hakimi

Dr Abdul Iloliev

Dr Till Mostowlansky

Mr Zalmai Nishat

Ms Ozoda Nurmatova 


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