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Sussex Asia Centre - AISS Collaborations

The Asia Centre's ongoing collaboration with the Afghan Institute for Strategic Studies  continues with a series of joint events in the UK and Afghanistan.

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Trust, Global Traders and Commodities in a Chinese International City

Professor Magnus Marsden leads this multi-sited and interdisciplinary research project centred on the Chinese city of Yiwu, engaging researchers and theoretical approaches in anthropology, area studies, business studies, and history and drawing on expertise from law, commercial shipping, and international trade policy.

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Inter-Asian Dynamics Research Network 

Professor Magnus Marsden leads a new network exploring the nature of connections, comparisons and circulations across multiple Asian settings.

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Narrating Blood

Professor Maya Unnithan, director of the Centre for Cultures, Reproduction, Technologies and Health (CORTH), is building an international network for cross-cultural research and intervention into blood-related reproductive and adolescent health and care-economies in India, Bangladesh, Ghana and the UK.

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Environmental History of South Asia

Professor Vinita Damodaran uses historical records to understand climate change in the Indian Ocean World.

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Woman's Leadership in the Asian Century

Professor Louise Morley, Director of the Centre of Higher Education and Equity Research, explores women and academic leadership in Asia.

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Upcoming Events

Inaugural Sussex Afghanistan Forum

Wednesday 13 March 9:00 until 17:00
Bramber House Conference Centre
Part of the series: Asia Centre Special Events


The first Sussex Afghanistan Forum will take place on 13th March 2018 at the University of Sussex, hosted by the Sussex Asia Centre and the Afghanistan Institute of Strategic Studies.

It will be a day of presentations and discussion followed by a reception.

Initiated the University of Sussex Asia Centre (USAC) and the Afghanistan Institute for Strategic Studies (AISS), in 2018, Sussex Afghanistan Forum (SAF) will hold an inaugural an event to discuss the pressing issues confronting Afghanistan’s development, both domestically and internationally, and areas of mutual interest between Afghanistan and the UK. The event also represents the ambition of USAC and AISS to strengthen their research excellence and outreach. It is hoped that SAF will consolidate into a major platform at which Afghanistan’s leaders from governmental and non-governmental sectors can identify areas for research and Afghanistan’s policies in those areas, and where UK-based academics can communicate their research findings or analytical insights to relevant institutions in Afghanistan, building the prospect of future collaborations.

Aiming to promote dialogues between Afghan government strategists and scholars and Western academics, the forum will be held on March 13th 2019. There will be keynote presentations from specially invited Afghan leaders followed by panels dealing with the issues surrounding the keynotes.

The panels will focus on the following themes:

(1) Afghanistan – UK relations;

(2) Commerce, The Environment and Regional Connectivity;

(3) The Peace Process in Afghanistan and its wider international context;

(4) Research Afghanistan: Problems and Prospects



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