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Sussex Asia Centre is a regional research centre focusing on the connective and comparative study of Asia. We advance this agenda through the empirical study and analysis of networks, routes, processes and dynamics that offer vivid insights into understanding both inter-Asian connections, and those that tie the region to the world beyond.

Our collective expertise has shed light on the great connective corridors of Asia: the Eurasian landmass and the Indian Ocean world. Our research interests regularly collide in Asia’s dynamic yet diverse nodes, including its global cities such as Dubai, Mumbai, and Tianjin, modern commercial hubs such Yiwu in China’s Zhejiang Province, and regional towns and industrial cities, such as those in south India. We believe that a nuanced understanding of such networks and the inter-Asian connections they forge requires a grounding in historical. Our scholarship is unique in the wider field however because of the degree to which it is based-on empirically rich material that throws into relief the intricate dynamics of inter-Asian networks and sites of interaction today.

Asia Centre scholars all embark on intensive research in Asia’s networks and at the nodes at which these coalesce. Our scholarship is internationally recognised for its contributions to better understanding Asia’s commercial, religious, political, and environmental dynamics. We’re also committed to expanding our research agendas and opening-up new areas of scholarship. We’re growing intrigued by Asian dynamics that revolve around food, science, health and well-being, as well as inter-Asian circulations of artists, filmmakers and performers. And we’ve recently held exciting events on the ties that bind West Asia to other parts of the continent.

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This Month's Feature

Hierarchies of Trade in China and Tajikistan

The Sussex Asia Centre held a Doctoral Workshop organised around the theme of 'Rethinking Asia'. It was attended by students studying Asia at the University of Sussex as well as from other institutions in the UK and Europe