The Sussex Africa Centre is a focal point for research and exchange of ideas among faculty and postgraduate students. It provides a hub for cutting edge scholarship and runs a lively programme of events, including visiting speakers and postgraduate workshops.

The University of Sussex has a history of international scholarship and engagement with the African continent.  It has a concentration of Africanist scholars spread across the campus and a large community of 70 postgraduate students. It maintains a wealth of partnerships with African universities, research institutions and grassroots organisations.

SAC logoThe Sussex Africa Centre is distinctive through:

  1. Its emphasis on transnational linkages
  2. The scope of disciplinary interests involved – bringing together environmental science, medicine and education alongside social science, humanities and development studies
  3. Sussex’s tradition of activism and engagement

Although it is conventional to separate ‘Sub Saharan Africa’ from ‘North Africa’, at Sussex, our emphasis on transnational connections makes this division inappropriate, and we include North African expertise alongside scholarship on the rest of the continent.

African Popular Cultures Workshop

Sussex annual African Popular Cultures Workshop 2018

African Popular Cultures Workshop 2018

Tuesday April 10th 2018
in collaboration with Writivism collective

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East African Literary Cultures: from Writivism to Kintu and beyond

Understanding social resistance to Ebola response in Guinea

Paper by James Fairhead


This paper seeks to understand the fear many Guineans feel towards Ebola response initiatives and why the educators, doctors and burial teams have sometimes encountered resistance, occasionally violent. Resistance has been catastrophic for the epidemic, preventing treatment, contact tracing and quarantine, permitting its spread.

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1. Street grafitti in Nairobi @ Pawa254.

2. Youth art, The Gambia. Photograph by Ross Wignall. 
3. Zipra women's brigade in Zambia. Photograph by Zenzo Nbobi. Copyright: South African Historical Archive.
4. Ethiopian home. Photograph by Bashair Ahmed.
5. Tissana Wharf, Sierra Leone. Photograph by Jenny Diggins.
6. Farming in Senegal. Photograph by Sung Kyu Kim.

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