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What is TURN-OUT?

Sometimes young people can find it hard to live the life they want to live. They might have problems going to school or college, finding a job or taking part in social activities.  TURN-OUT is being done to find out more how young people spend their time and how this relates to their wellbeing, thoughts and feelings. We are interested in speaking with young people who might have different patterns of time use, for example, young people who are Not currently in Employment, Education or Training. 

What does TURN-OUT involve?

TURN-OUT involves meeting up with one or two of the project researchers to complete an assessment. The assessment will take about one hour and 30 minutes to complete in total. This will be spread over one or two sessions (or more); whichever is more convenient and comfortable. A friend, relative or worker tcan be present during the assessment if wanted. The assessment can be done somewhere convienient, for example, at the University of Sussex, a public place (for example, a college or library), or a health, social or youth service building.

The assessment will include some discussion questions and some paper questionnaires. The topics will include time use and activities, psychological wellbeing, beliefs about the self and other people, and social life and relationships. Examples include being asked about low mood and irritability, thoughts about social interaction and  worries about other people.


Recruitment to TURN-OUT has finished.


If you would like more information about this study, please contact Lucie Crowter.


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