Sussex Psychosis Research interest Group (SPRiG)

Cognitive mechanisms of change

Research objectives

This is a research project which aims to improve understandings of upsetting beliefs that other people might find unusual. 

This research has been created by the Institute of Psychiatry, London, who are running a total of five studies as part of this research project. Two of these studies ran in the Brighton and Hove area. The Institute of Psychiatry website has more information about this project.

Study 1: The first study is trying to find out how spending time in city streets might be related to worrying about being deliberately harmed. For this, we are looking for people who have these kinds of worries and who feel more at risk outside in the street than sitting indoors. 

Study 5: This is an extra study, which we are inviting people who have completed the study above. This study involves completing a small number of questionnaires and a neutral task on the computer. The task is looking at attention. We think that changes in attention might be one of the factors contributing to upsetting worries.


Different people will do different activities and assessments as part of these studies. Before taking part in the activities below, participants will meet with a researcher to complete some questionnaires and memory tasks.

Study 1: Participants will either go on a short shopping trip to purchase an item from a shop, or will instead sit inside for a similar length of time. All participants will then complete some questionnaires on mood, beliefs and thinking style. All participants will then complete a relaxing activity.

Study 5: Participants who take part in study 5 will already have taken part in study 1. For study 5, participants will meet with a researcher again to complete a computer task and then complete some questionnaires about thoughts, feelings, beliefs and experiences.

For more information about this study, please use the following contact details.


Institute of Psychiatry contacts:

Research Workers

Lucy Butler


Claire Thompson


Telephone: 02078 480502

Research Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Suzanne Jolley


Telephone: 02078 485028