Our Values


We keep our prices down to ensure we are accessible to all; offer Active US campus-wide activities at minimal cost and support #BUCSInclusionWeek and #ThisGirlCan campaigns, among others, which try to remove the barriers which prevent some people from taking part in sport.


We offer a wide range of physical activity - both at the participation level and at a performance level.  We also work to develop and support a diverse number of sports clubs, and react quickly to changes in the sporting industry in order to stay current.


All of our staff have excellent customer service skills and the appropriate training for their positions, whilst also being knowledgeable in their areas.


We work creatively and collaboratively with all of our staff to problem solve and improve the service we provide.  Training is available to all staff who wish to improve their skills and knowledge, particularly to the betterment of our department.


We welcome and support all of our users and staff, and value their opinions and feedback.  The new Viewpoint Feedback Kiosk now provides us with a greater understanding of what people want from Sussexsport, what we are doing well and what we need to do to improve.  Comments such as: 'Great staff and instructors,' 'Friendly staff and good classes,' 'Value for money,' and 'Good facilities' encourage our staff to continue to provide an excellent service and help us realise what our customers value most.


Inclusive Diverse Friendly Innovative Professional