Sussex European Institute

Brexit and the Post-Brexit Landscape

Five years on from the Brexit referendum, SEI are delighted to showcase the work of members who have published and are currently working on fascinating and important research projects which contribute to our understanding of the ongoing politics of Brexit.

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Dr Aleksandra Lewicki, Senior Lecturer in Sociology and Co-Director of the Sussex European Institute, introduces her research on East-West mobilities and racism in the pre- and post-Brexit landscape:


Dr Samantha Velluti, Reader in Law at Sussex Law School, introduces her research on EU external relations and the impact of Brexit on the adoption and implementation of EU international agreements.


Prof Paul Taggart and Prof Aleks Szczerbiak are Professors of Politics and co-convenors of the Sussex-based European Parties Elections and Referendums Network (EPERN). Here they introduce their research on the impact of the Eurozone, migration and Brexit crises on the party politics of Euroscepticism.


Dr Emily Robinson and Dr Jonathan Moss, teach in the Politics department at Sussex. Here they introduce their research on the emotional politics of Brexit.


Prof Nuno Ferreira, Professor of Law at the University of Sussex and co-director of the Sussex Centre for Human Rights Research, talks about the book 'Gender and Queer Perspectives on Brexit’


Dr Neil Dooley Lecturer in Politics and Co-Director of the SEI, discusses his research in progress on the centrality of Ireland and Northern Ireland to Brexit negotiations: