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Diagnosing grapheme-colour synaesthesia

  • An open-source synesthesia consistency test for use on the Qualtrics platform by Dr. N Root.
  • RGB converter (matlab file): Can be used to convert colour representations in RGB space to colour representations in CIELUV space.  For detailed information see: Rothen, N., Seth, A. K., Witzel, C., & Ward, J. (2013). Diagnosing synaesthesia with online colour pickers: Maximising sensitivity and specificity. Journal of Neuroscience Methods, 215(1), 156–160
  • Coloured Letters and Numbers (English version and German version): final 16 item version of questionnaire including scoring information.  For detailed information see: Rothen, N., Tsakanikos, E., Meier, B., & Ward, J. (2013). Coloured Letters and Numbers (CLaN): A reliable factor-analysis based synaesthesia questionnaire. Consciousness and Cognition, 22(3), 1047–1060.

Diagnosing sequence-space synaesthesia (SSS)

Diagnosing Mirror-Touch Synaesthesia and Vicarious Pain

Mapping the Connectome of Synaesthesia - 'The 100 Brains Project'



Links to Online Information about Synaesthesia

Lectures and talks by Sussex researchers about synaesthesia:

Interviews with Sussex researchers about synaesthesia:

Animated Documentary about Synaesthesia produced by Samantha Moore and featuring Sussex researchers

Synaesthesia Associations

UK Synaesthesia Association

American Synesthesia Association (ASA)

International Association of Synaesthetes, Artists, and Scientists (IASAS)

E-mail Discussion List

Sean Day, president of the American Synaesthesia Association, organises an e-mail discussion list for synaesthetes themselves and for those with an interest in the topic. To join the list you should contact him directly (