Synaesthesia research

Synaesthesia is a joining together of sensations that are normally experienced separately. Studying synaesthesia may help us to understand how the brain segregates and integrates different sensations and thoughts. The Synaesthesia research group here at Sussex look at a wide variety of topics related to the phenomenon, encompassing the neurological and behavioural aspects as well as the potential application of synaesthesia research. We are comprised of the two research groups led by Prof Julia Simner and Prof Jamie Ward.

Our website is designed to help you discover more about synaesthesia, to provide links to other sites, and to invite you to take part in our research. We hope you will find it useful! If you would like to tell us about your synaesthesia, click here to fill in our online questionnaire

The images at the top of the page were kindly given to us by Samantha Moore. Samantha worked with us during the production of her award winning animated synaesthesia documentary An Eyeful of Sound.

Letters coloured to show what a synaesthete might perceiveA synaesthete may see colours when looking at letters


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