Student testimonials

Read about the journeys of three of our former Summer School students and their experiences of a summer in the UK.

An – Physics

Major: Public Health Sciences

“I chose to study abroad because I would like to experience education and living abroad. I want to learn a new culture, and challenge myself to new perspectives.”

“As a Public Health Sciences major, I technically do not have to take physics. However, my goal is to pursue medicine. Therefore, I thought why not challenge myself to a new environment, why not take advantage of the education opportunity offered by my campus.”

Stephany – Psychology

Major: Sociology with a Minor in Labor & Workplace Studies

“One of my favourite aspects of the summer modules has to be the teaching style of the instructors. Both of my classes have been very interactive and discussion based. I have gotten the opportunity to truly learn about the perspectives of students from around the world.”

“Another one of my favourite aspects of the university is the nature on campus. On occasion my friends and I would walk through the trails in Sussex into the meadows and watch the sunset and it was one of the most beautiful things ever.”

Keyvan – Residential Advisor

BSc: Computer Science

“What I enjoy the most about Sussex is the cultural aspect. I have had an opportunity to meet people from all walks of life and create long-lasting friendships with people from England to Mozambique to Colombia.”

“Outside of studies, I have been involved with the charity group Dig Deep in partnership with the University, whereas a team of volunteers we helped raise money to create rainwater harvesting facilities in Kenya.”

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