Student Support

We provide specialist support during your study abroad at Sussex. Whether it's academic concerns, homesickness or health issues, our support services are here to help.

Residential Advisor giving directions

Student welfare

Our on-campus Student Centre can offer support on a range of issues related to your welfare. They can help with:

  • concerns affecting study progress and wellbeing
  • money matters
  • improving your academic performance
  • understanding how the University works.

You can also access confidential advice on health issues. The Student Centre operates a drop-in desk from Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm, and you can book appointments with experienced advisers.

Find out more about the Student Centre.

Counselling services

You can also attend our confidential counselling service. Find out more about our counselling service.

Campus and Residential Support Team

As a Summer, Semester or Year student living on campus you can also speak to our Campus and Residential Support team. Residential Advisors from the team will be housed in campus residence and will be on-hand to help you settle into life at Sussex.

For out-of-hours emergency support, you can call 01273 873333.

Specialist support

You can also access University support services at the Student Support Unit, which offers advice if you have disabilities, mental health conditions, autism spectrum conditions and specific learning difficulties.

They have a network of support staff to help you during your time at University, including support workers, mental health mentors, note-takers and dyslexia tutors.

Find out more about our Student Support Unit.

Adjustments for assessments and examinations

If you have a disability, impairment or other medical condition or you receive specific accommodations for assessments in your home institution, we may be able to provide support and adjustments for your assessments. Adjustments (accommodations) can include extra time, rest breaks and penalty waivers.

In order for adjustments and other support arrangements to be put in place, you will need to complete a Student Support Registration form and send it to the Sussex Abroad team or Summer School office. You will need to provide details and evidence of your needs as well as written confirmation that you consent to your personal information being shared to the Student Support Unit.

Note: Adjustments are made in response to the needs of the individual student and we cannot guarantee that these will be identical to the adjustments at your home institution.

For our Summer School, we will need to have received your registration before June 2022.

Support for international students

At Sussex, you’ll join an international community of students and staff from more than 140 countries. Our support begins before you start at Sussex – our International Student Support team can provide advice on short-term study visas and find out what to expect when you arrive.

Find out more about international student support.

Faith and spirituality

The Meeting House is the base for our on-campus chaplaincy, with services spanning a range of faiths and denominations. The campus also has a Muslim Student Centre and prayer facility.

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If you are studying at Sussex for a summer and have questions, email

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