Gain research experience, develop your skills, and benefit from our funding opportunities. Our partnerships with businesses, universities, charities and government organisations, mean you are given the chance to expand your knowledge, and become one of tomorrow's leading researchers.

Two PhD students walk through the School of Business, Management and Economic's Jubilee building at the University of Sussex.

How can our partnerships benefit you?

We work with a range of national and international partners ranging from NHS Foundation Trusts to multinational pharmaceutical companies. This work aims to offer a number of opportunities to help enhance your experience at Sussex.

If you work for an organisation and are looking to collaborate or partner with us, see our research partnerships

Working with our partners has allowed our PhD students to:

  • gain experience by taking placements with businesses, charities, and government organisations and benefit from the training they provide
  • work alongside experts on cutting edge research projects at international research facilities
  • develop the skills for a particular sector and prepare for future careers
  • have opportunities to present or participate in workshops and seminars at partner universities in the UK and internationally
  • benefit from funding opportunities, ranging from international conference grants to accessing archives and special collections.

Who are our current partners? 

Some of our current partners include:

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