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University of Sussex declares climate emergency

1 August 2019

University pledges to bring together international academic experts to devise the technological and policy solutions needed to tackle climate change.

Parliamentary report highlights Sussex scientists' push for coherent approach to global sustainability goals

16 July 2019

Evidence from the Sussex Sustainability Research Programme (SSRP) has been referenced in a report by the International Development Select Committee.

Academics from Universities of Ghana and Sussex shape thinking on science for the Sustainable Development Goals

12 July 2019

Academics convened at an expert workshop in Accra on 25 June to discuss how science, research and academia can help achieve these important goals.

SussexFood on Foodwaste

24 June 2019

SussexFood add more profiles to their Too Good to Go presence and share some handy food waste tips!

SSRP workshop on research methods a success

14 June 2019

On 5 June, the SSRP hosted a workshop titled Research Methods for Sustainability: social science meets natural science, and something in-between.

Event set to explore issues of coffee production to help cafes and consumers become more sustainable

9 May 2019

Brighton is home to a thriving scene of independent coffee shops - but is the journey from bean to barista sustainable enough?

SSRP research with artisanal fishers highlights working with local communities to meet global challenges

20 February 2019

New research by the Sussex Sustainability Research Programme (SSRP) highlights the need to work with local communities to meet global...

Environmental Law students draft proposed amendment for Agriculture Bill

13 February 2019

Sussex Environmental Law LLM students drafted legislative language that has been taken ‎up by MPs as an amendment to the Agriculture Bill. ‎

Five years of CIED research published as an edited book

14 December 2018

Research by the Centre on Innovation and Energy Demand (CIED) has been published as a book edited by Kirsten Jenkins and Debbie Hopkins.

Global governance must overcome zeitgeist of mistrust if world environmental issues are to be tackled effectively

5 November 2018

The growing mistrust towards global intuitions must be overcome if the world is to successfully tackle the environmental challenges it faces.

Items 31 to 40 of 75

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