Sussex Psychosis Research interest Group (SPRiG)

Information for service users and carers


The Sussex Psychosis Research interest Group (SPRiG) is a research group which conducts research focusing on psychosis, for example, concerning unusual beliefs and unshared perceptions. Service user and carer involvement in research is a central aim of the SPRiG group. Involvement is different from taking part in a research study as a participant (i.e. 'participation').

Service user and carer involvement may include:

  • consultation- where researchers and clinicians ask for feedback on research proposals from an advisory panel of service users and carers
  • collaboration- where researchers/clinicians and service users and carers create research proposals together and conduct the research in partnership with each other

The Research and Development Department, Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, provides information about service user and carer involvement in research, including SPRiG.

SPRiG also works with a dedicated Early Intervention in Psychosis research forum. This is called SURF- the Service User Research Forum. Our SURF area provides more information and an opportunity to enter your details to be contacted about taking part in SURF.

Please see the Sussex Partnership Trust Early Intervention Service webpages for information about clinical services for people who experience psychosis. Links to additional information for service users and carers, including information about psychosis and involvement, are also provided.

We also display news and events for people who experience psychosis and/or their carers.

Finding out more and taking part in research

Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust now has a database of service users and carers who are interested in taking part in mental health research.

By joining the network you will be sent news about Sussex Partnership’s research work, and you can then choose to take part in research studies if you want to. 

Research studies may involve being interviewed, completing questionnaires, or receiving a new therapy, such as in previous and current SPRiG research. Sussex Partnership conducts and hosts research which applies to many different mental health problems and learning disabilities, plus research which focuses on service user involvement. Current research includes trials of new drugs for Alzheimer’s Disease, and studies exploring the benefits of mindfulness for psychosis, anxiety and depression.

You can join the Research Network by visiting the Sussex Partnership website and entering your contact details.

Email or call 01273 265896 for more information.


A list of current SPRiG research projects is given in the Our research area. You can use the contact details on the Our research pages if you want to get in touch with individual researchers about their projects.

Some of these projects may also have links to more information. Please use these links in the Our research pages to find out more about individual projects.