Facilities for Liberal Arts

Find out about facilities and learning spaces for Liberal Arts students.

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Facilities and resources

You have access to a range of library resources to support your study, including:

  • texts
  • microforms
  • scholarly books
  • journal holdings.

If you decide to focus on media production for your practical work, you could have access to: 

  • Video and photography studio - Our video and photography studio has a large green-screen facility, full 'cool light' video lighting rig and a control desk. Our studio grip equipment includes dollies, tracks and jibs. Photography students benefit from five Bowens 750w flash heads mounted on a pantograph rail system, an array of soft-boxes, a permanent white infinity curve and additional backdrops
  • Video edit suites - We have seven editing booths and two editing workshops. Each dual-monitor workstation is equipped with Adobe Creative Cloud, which includes Premiere Pro. You can also access other software packages.
  • Voice over booths - We have three audio post-production booths used for voice-over work, radio documentary narration, or one to one interviews. Each booth has a large diaphragm condenser microphone, high-quality channel strip, audio interface and iMac. You can record directly to our media server, ready for instant editing access from any of our 108 computers.

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