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How community care is helping to eliminate Hepatitis C

Professor Sumita Verma, a consultant hepatologist with Brighton and Sussex Medical School and Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals, has created a community-based approach to treating Hepatitis C in people who are homeless or with drug addictions.

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World's first global podoconiosis map

Dr Kebede Deribe, an epidemiologist at the Brighton and Sussex Medical School, has been leading efforts to create a global map of podoconiosis.

The Global Atlas will provide public health officials and policy makers with vital information needed to treat patients.

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Giving babies a better start

Thanks to research at the Brighton and Sussex Medical School, the outlook for premature babies around the world is much brighter.



Podcast: Gail Davey and Melanie Newport talk about their research into podoconiosis

Gail Davey, a Professor of Global Health Epidemiology at the Brighton and Sussex Medical School, initiated a research programme into podoconiosis (podo), a form of elephantiasis or swelling of the lower leg in 2005 and helped lead efforts to have the World Health Organisation add podo to the list of neglected tropical diseases in 2011. Professor Melanie Newport is a Professor of Infectious Diseases and Global Health researching the genetic susceptibility to infection and to tropical diseases. Hear how their genetic, public-health and social-science research work has had had a significant impact on tropical societies and economies where podoconiosis is endemic.

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