SN PhD Programme: FAQs

If you have a question that is not answered below or on the application instructions, you can contact the Programme Manager, Dr Ruth Staras

1. I am an international student - can I apply?

Yes. Students of all nationalities are eligible to apply to our Programme. We have up to four fully-funded places available and these will be awarded on a competitive basis.

2. I do not have a Master's degree/ I will not complete my Master's degree before the application deadline. Can I still apply?

Yes. A Bachelor's level qualification, as described above, is sufficient to be eligible to apply. Please give us details of any Master's level course you are currently studying in the "additional details" section of your online application.

3. I already have/ I am currently completing an MSc degree in Neuroscience - do I need to do the first year of the Programme?

Yes. The first year of the Programme is designed to be a pre-PhD year, not a Master's year. You will have a broad choice of rotations, training and taught modules that prepare you for moving towards your chosen PhD; repetition of previous learning will be actively avoided. If you feel that you already have the expertise, training and specific research focus required to begin a PhD directly, please consider applying for a standard PhD. It is not possible to join this Programme in Year 2.

4. I have already sent you my CV/application by email; is my application to the Programme being considered?

No. All applications to the 4-Year Programme must be completed through PGApply before the deadline. 

5. I might not be able to travel to the UK in March 2023 for interviews. Can I still apply?

Yes. We plan to run our interviews online. If you are shortlisted, we will contact you to arrange the timing of your interview.

6. English is not my first language and I will not have IELTS results before the deadline - can I still apply?

Yes. We will still consider your application, and may subsequently ask you to take the IELTS test, as appropriate.

7. Can I apply for more than one postgraduate course at Sussex at the same time?

Yes. As competition is high, we encourage you to also apply for other PhD of Master's opportunities that you are seriously interested in.

8. Do I need to submit a Research Proposal with my application to the 4-year PhD Programme?

No. We require a personal statement entitled "Why I want to pursue a PhD in neuroscience" but not a research proposal.