The majority of the images on this website for the Centre for Modernist Studies are from the University of Sussex’s collection, held by the Keep. Some have been cropped, and the full size images can be seen on


  • Ivon Hitchens, Day’s Rest, Day’s Work (Polyptych), 1960, wax and oil on four panels, H 365.6 x W 731.5 cm, 093PTG
  • Basil Spence, Entrance Arts A, 1961, blue crayon/pencil, SxUOS1/1/5/21/18
  • Vanessa Bell, Book Jacket for Virginia Woolf’s Three Guineas (1948), SxMas-18/5/191
  • David Jowett Greaves Oxtoby, Explosion (Flash), 1969, oil on canvas, 122 x 122cm, 058PTG


  • Basil Spence, Entrance Arts A - landscape, 1961, blue crayon/pencil, SxUOS1/1/5/21/18
  • Michael Carr, Falmer House and Henry Moore sculpture, from Sussex Scrapbook, Flickr


  • Arnold Daghani, Hommage à Jean-François Millet (Less glaneuses), 1965, oil and gouache on paper, 30 x 50 cm, A1121
  • Falmer House, provided by Yves Fedida, Sussex Scrapbook, Flickr


  • Lancelot Ribeiro, Bombay, 1964, oil on board, 61 x 84 cm, 419PTG
  • Judith Marle, Passing Through, 1966, oil on canvas, 93 x 93 cm, 412PTG
  • Jimo Bola Akolo, Northern Horsemen, 1963, oil on canvas, 147.3 x 94.4 cm, 064PTG
  • Rodney Gladwell, Flowers in a Vase, 1962, oil on board, 104 x 77 cm, 009PTG


  • Vanessa Bell, Book Jacket for Virginia Woolf’s The Waves (1931), SxMas-18/5/191

News and Events

  • Anna Mendelssohn, drawing, SxMs109, used with kind permission of the Mendelssohn estate
  • Arnold Daghani, George Enescu: ‘Rumanian Rhapsody’, 1958, oil and gouache on card, 28 x 30 cm, A3