Education Faculty

CIE faculty within the Department of Education at the University of Sussex:

Barbara 200x200Dr Barbara Crossouard

Barbara is a Reader in Education in CIE. She draws on post-structural, postcolonial and feminist scholarship to critique how education normalises and legitimises difference through intersecting identity structures such as gender, sexuality, nation, ethnicity, religion, citizenship, age. Her current research explores the intersections of work, education and gender for rural youth in Sub-Saharan Africa.

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Dr Marcos DelpratoMarcos 200x200

Marcos' research interests are on the application of various quantitative approaches to highlight educational inequalities, support evaluations of policy interventions and efficiency analysis of secondary education systems in the global south. Marcos is an economist who before arriving to Sussex, worked as a Researcher with the GEM Report team (UNESCO) where he developed the World Inequality Database on Education.

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Mairead Dunne 200x200Professor Máiréad Dunne

Máiréad is a Professor of the Sociology of Education. Her interests are in the work of education firstly in the production of social stratification, difference and inequalities and secondly in the (re-)production and valorisation of particular privileged /colonial/ 'Western' knowledges. Máiréad’s research employs feminist, postcolonial, poststructural and intersectional approaches to exploring identities with implications for livelihoods, equality and social development locally and globally. Recent research includes Education and Work: Children’s Lives in Rural Sub‑Saharan Africa

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Louise 200x200Dr Louise Gazeley

Louise is a Senior Lecturer in Education and her research focuses on the intersection of educational with social (dis)advantage. Her research includes a focus on exclusion from school within the United Kingdom, but her research in school inclusion and university access more broadly are cross contextual. Doctoral researchers supported have focused on contexts including Ghana, Mexico and Nigeria.  

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Sean Higgins 200x200Dr Sean Higgins

Sean’s research focuses on education, conflict, and social justice. His interests in critical peace education, curriculum, pedagogies and teachers serving vulnerable communities (out-of-school children and those affected by crisis) bridge theory and practice, micro and macro, as well as the global north and south. He draws on a range of theoretical resources to inform a critical approach.

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Dr Tamsin Hinton-SmithTamsin 200x200

Tamsin is a sociologist of gender and education with particular interests around higher education participation, pedagogies, curricula, and inequalities internationally. Previous work includes Roma students’ university participation in Europe; and higher education pedagogic development in Nigeria. Her current research, Gender on the Higher Education Learning Agenda Internationally: Co-constructing Foundations for Equitable Futures, includes partners in India, Kazakhstan, Morocco and Nigeria.

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Nimi 200x200Dr Nimi Hoffmann

Nimi's research interests are in intellectual history and social policy. Her doctoral work examined how pan-African knowledge commons emerge and endure. Her current work aims to deepen this line of investigation, as well as exploring the relationship between research and policymaking, particularly in terms of social experimentation and the requirements of democratic social policy.

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Birgul Kutan 200x200Dr Birgul Kutan

Birgul is a researcher with a PhD in Human Geography from Bristol University. As a political geographer and ethnographer, she has expertise in contemporary politics and social movements in Turkey and is interested in theories of social change, international development, human rights, gender-justice and decolonial theory. She leads research on Turkey for the ESRC funded project Learning and Knowledge Production in Social Movements.

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Linda Morrice 200x200Dr Linda Morrice (Co-Director)

Linda is a Reader in Education and Migration. Her research interests focus on refugee education across the life course in both the global north and the south. She is interested in informal learning through everyday social practices, and also formal learning in education settings. She has particular expertise in participative and peer research methodologies and has worked with refugee researchers on a number of projects.

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Helen MurrayHelen Murray

Helen is a Research Fellow working on the Political Economy of Education Research Network (PEER) research partnership with Mario Novelli, which aims to strengthen political economy analysis of education systems in societies affected by conflict and crisis and support the development of critical scholars and practitioners in Africa and Central Asia.

Her ESRC-funded PhD research looked at the relationship between universities, conflict and the public sphere through an extended case study of the only public university in Lebanon, the Lebanese University.

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Mario 200x200Professor Mario Novelli

Mario is Professor in the Political Economy of Education at the University of Sussex. He is interested in issues related to the relationship between education/conflict/war and peace and is currently working on research related to Political Economy of Education in Conflict Contexts and Learning and Knowledge Production in Radical Social Movements in the Global South.

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Yusuf SayedProfessor Yusuf Sayed

Yusuf is Professor of International Education and Development Policy. His research focuses on education policy formulation and implementation as it relates to concerns of equity, social justice, and transformation. He is currently engaged in several large-scale studies about teacher professionalism, teacher education and continuing professional development - in South Africa and globally.

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Simon Thompson: 2021Professor Simon Thompson

Currently Head of the Department of Education, Simon replaces Professor Gillian Hampden-Thompson as Head of the School of Education and Social Work in January 2022.

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Dr Rebecca WebbRebecca 200x200

Rebecca is a Lecturer in Education focusing on discourses of schooling and the subjects of schooling, locally and internationally, including the ‘schooling’ of those between 0-5 years of age. Drawing on post-foundational theoretical and methodological approaches that query the purposes of schooling for the uncertain challenges of the 21st century, especially as these relate to climate change and sustainability.

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Jo Westbrook: 2021Dr Jo Westbrook (Co-Director)

Jo’s research interests are in teacher development, curriculum, pedagogy and multilingualism, currently focused on critical and inclusive pedagogies for out of school learners, those with disabilities and those learning to read and comprehend in two or more languages.  She is working on an inclusive education project in Uganda and government adoption and scale-up of the Speed School programme in Ethiopia.

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