Doctoral Candidates

Hauwa Umar AliyuHauwa Umar Aliyu

Supervisors: Professor Mairead Dunne & Professor Barbara Crossouard

Research title: Dropout of Girls from Rural Primary Schools
in Northern Nigeria

Farzana Bardai

Supervisors: Professor Yusuf Sayed & Professor Mario Novelli

Research title: The Role of the Political, Economic, Social and Cultural Factors Influencing Education State Capacity Development by INGOs:
A case study of AKF in Afghansitan

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Farzana Bardai

Alejandro Farieta BarreraAlejandro Farieta Barrera

Supervisors: Professor Mario Novelli & Dr Marcos Delprato

Research title: Incidences of Globalizing Processes in Initial Teacher Education in Colombia

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Pearl BoatengPearl Boateng 200x200

Supervisors: Professor Kwame Akyeampong & Professor Jo Westbrook 

Research title: Quality Education For Youth:
A case study of secondary education provision in Ghana

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Marcela BoutrosMarcela Gola Boutros

Supervisors: Professor Linda Morrice & Dr Tamsin Hinton-Smith

Thesis title: Exploring the Experiences of Forcibly Displaced People in Higher Education: A case study of Brazil

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Donna Comerford

Supervisors: Professor Linda Morrice & Dr Liam Berriman

Research title: Emerging Technology: Narrowing the educational gap for displaced women and girls in small and Pacific island developing states

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Donna Comerford

Gillian Emerson

Supervisors: Professor Barbara Crossouard & Dr Julia Sutherland

Research title: Learning From Home: A case study of online learning of primary mathematics in Chennai during and after the Covid-19 school closures

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Gillian Emerson

Tina HyderTina Hyder 200x200

Supervisors: Professor Linda Morice & Dr Rebecca Webb

Research title: Perspectives on Early Childhood Development Interventions for Young Refugee Children and their Families

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Matt JohnsonMatt Johnson

Supervisors: Professor Barbara Crossouard & Professor Mairead Dunne

Research title: Beyond Manufactured Spaces: 
Re-imagining youth participation in urban Zimbabwe 

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Angie Kotler

Supervisors: Professor Yusuf Sayed & Professor Mario Novelli

Research title: Stories of Peace and Progress in Rwanda. All the pieces (of peace) matter: An ethno-methodological case study of a school in Rwanda which has been named 'Lead School for Peace'

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Angie Kotler

Alan NevilleAlan Neville

Supervisors: Professor Mairead Dunne & Professor Barbara Crossouard

Research title: The Impact of Catholic Education on Early, Forced Marriage among the Dinka of South Sudan

Mohamed Yasin Osman

Supervisors: Professor Yusuf Sayed & Dr Sean Higgins

Research title: Teacher-Led Professional Development and Learning in the Global South: A multiple case study of private secondary schools in Mogadishu, Somalia

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Mohamed Yasin Osman

Carmen Pon

Supervisors: Professor Linda Morrice & Professor Mario Novelli

Research title: Peacebuilding and the Elite: A case study of Jordanian private schools serving youth from the Middle East and North Africa

Carmen Pon

Daniella Rabino

Supervisors: Professor Mairead Dunne & Dr Rebecca Webb

Research title: Rural Youth in the Island’s Shadows:
Rethinking sustainability in Madagascar

Daniella Rabino

Michael Roy

Supervisors: Professor Mario Novelli & Professor Yusuf Sayed

Research title: Mapping the Politics of Education Policy in the
Republic of North Macedonia: Integration, segregation and conflict

Michael Roy

Ramona: Oct 2022Adriana Ramona Saraoru

Supervisors: Professor Yusuf Sayed & Professor Jo Westbrook

Research title: Teacher Professional Learning in the United Arab Emirates: A case study of a professional learning community
in a public school in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi

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Imelda Sari 200x200Imelda Dwi Rosita Sari

Supervisors: Professor Jo Westbrook & Professor Yusuf Sayed 

Research title: A Study of Professional Connectedness and Isolation in the Learning Lives of Teachers in Remote and Peri-Urban Primary Schools of Indonesia 

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Fezile SibandaFezile Sibanda

Supervisors: Dr Tamsin Hinton-Smith, Professor Mairead Dunne 
& Dr Tam Cane

(Working) Research title: Coloniality in Academia: The experiences of Black academics in Higher Education institutions in England 

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Agness Mumba WilkinsAgness Mumba Wilkins 200x200

Supervisors: Professor Barbara Crossouard & Professor Mairead Dunne 

Research title: Re-thinking Sexuality Education:
Voices from Zambian youths and the intergenerational differences in the understanding of sexuality

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