Sussex Research Hive


What is the Research Hive?

The Sussex Research Hive is the Library's designated area for researchers, open to all doctoral researchers and research staff. It provides private study areas, bookable meeting rooms and space for discussion and collaborative work.

Partnership with SAGE

SAGE Publications have given funding to support both the Research Hive and the Library's innovative work in engaging with the research community at Sussex. Further information is available from the University's press release.

Research Hive Scholars

Three Research Hive Scholars support the space, engaging with researchers at the university to find out what they want from their community, planning events in response and fostering a supportive network here at Sussex.

The Research Hive blog

Research Hive on Twitter

Research Hive Slack 

The Research Hive Scholars have excelled at bringing the doctoral community together online. Join their Slack channels to meet and work alongside other researchers.

Meet the Research Hive Scholars

Aanchal Vij

Hive Scholar Aanchal Vij, smiling

Aanchal wants to live in a world where winters are optional, masala chai replaces coffee and there are equal funding opportunities for all PhD candidates. As a doctoral researcher in the School of English, her research explores the relationship between nostalgia and American exceptionalism in comics and other literature. When she's not working, she's... probably still making sneaky to-do lists by the beach, defending a donut from a seagull.

Devyn Glass

Hive Scholar Devyn Glass, smiling

Devyn would like to live in a world where Brighton doesn't live under the tyranny of the seagull, where wine and canines are constant companions, and where PhD candidates are paid the living wage. A doctoral researcher in Psychology, her research focuses on interpersonal synchrony in Autism Spectrum Conditions. She is particularly interested in using technology to facilitate social interaction. In her time off, she can be found on a sun lounger with a good book, drinking cocktails – as much as her PhD life allows!

Louise Elali

Hive Scholar Louise Elali, smiling

Louise wants to live in a world where postcards have stamps, text messages don't substitute face-to-face conversations, and PhD candidates are not isolated. A doctoral researcher at the School of Media, Film and Music, her research is about how international students (particularly PhD researchers) build their identity through social media. When she's not working, you can find her travelling... via words, images or actual airplanes.