Learn about the Library through the presentation we co-created with students, joining a tour, or completing the digital scavenger hunt below

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Library Tours

Sign-up to an in-person tour of the Library. Alternatively, you can listen to our self-guided audio tour.

Complete our digital scavenger hunt

Whether you're an Undergraduate or Masters student they will introduce you to key parts of our online Library service. If you need any help completing a task, follow the link through to supporting videos and guidance.

  1. Download an ebook chapter with Library Search

    Much of our collection is available online which means that you can access it from anywhere. Library Search is the tool you should use to start your searching. It's looking across millions of high-quality academic resources, including searching for ebook chapters, and is designed for students at Sussex.

  2. Visit one of our Open Access Resources

    Open Access resources play a valuable part in opening up research and knowledge to the world. You’ll be able to search for Open Access materials with Library Search.

  3. Download a newspaper article from one of our databases

    As well as Library Search, we have other databases that you can use. These contain a variety of materials including films, specialist archives, academic journals and newspaper articles.

  4. Bookmark the ‘referencing styles’ section of the Skills Hub

    Along with Library Search and the Library Subject Guides, the Skills Hub is one of the essential sections of the website that you’ll need to know about. It brings together all of the different academic skills support that’s available to you at Sussex. It may seem like a way off, but you’ll soon be writing your first piece of work and will need to reference anything that you use in it. We know that this is an area that students often struggle with so have pulled together lots of referencing support onto the Skills Hub.