Future of Work


Group Lead

Odul Bozkurt
Divya Sharma


Lecturer in Sustainable Development Studies

Deputy Group Lead

Odul Bozkurt
Ödül Bozkurt


Professor of Work and Employment

Faculty Members

Mirela Barbu

Lecturer in Logistics and Supply Chain Management (Management)


Steven BriegerSteven Brieger

Lecturer in International Business

Steven BriegerEmeline Brule

Lecturer in Product Design (Engineering and Design)


Petros Chamkiotis

Visiting Senior Lecturer (Management)

Tommaso Ciarli 100 x 125Tommaso Ciarli

Senior Research Fellow

David Eggleton

Lecturer in Project Management with Innovation Studies (SPRU - Science Policy Research Unit)


Aaron Gain

Does ownership matter? Case studies in health and social care organisations and the implications for social democracy

Galina Gonacharenko

Lecturer in Accounting

Zahira Jaser

Lecturer In Organisational Behaviour and Human Resource Management

Ann Light

Professor of Design & Creative Technology

Michelle LukeMichelle Luke

Reader in Organisational Behavious (Management)


Alberto MarzucchiAlberto Marzucchi

Senior Lecturer in Economics of Innovation

Piera NEWPiera Morlacchi

Senior Lecturer in Entrepreneurship and Organisation Studies

Laura MorosanuLaura Morosanu

Lecturer in Sociology

Jacqueline O'ReillyJacqueline O'Reilly

Professor of Comparative Human Resource Management

Amir Paz-FuchsAmir Paz-Fuchs

Senior Lecturer in Law

DimitraDimitra Petrakaki

Reader in Information Systems

Steven Rolf

Research Fellow (Management)


Emma Russell

Senior Lecturer in Human Resource Management (Management)

Divya Sharma

Lecturer in Sustainable Development

Adrian Smith

Professor of Technology and Society


Elaine Swan

Senior Lecturer in Human Resources and Organisational Behaviour

Richard Taylor

Business School Research Manager

Dennis TourishDennis Tourish

Professor of Leadership and Organisation Studies

Simone VannucciniSimone Vannuccini

Lecturer in Economics

Mirela XhenetiMirela Xheneti

Senior Lecturer in Entrepreneurship & Small Business

Rachel Verdin 

Research Fellow (Management)