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Dr Aaron Gain

Post:School Tutor (Management)
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I have worked in the NHS and local government since 1994, broken only by two spells: management consultancy from 1999 to 2005 and the Australian civil service in 2008.

I currently work in joint commissioning in West Sussex commissioning on behalf of both the NHS and county council. 




I am a part time PhD Student working in the field of organisational studies and social and political theory.  

My research title is Does ownership matter? Case studies in health and social care organisations and the implications for social democracy 

In particular, I am interested in how do different organisational models impact on staff participation, management control systems and the sense of ownership.

In parallel to my research, I am also a Programme Director in Joint Commissioning in West Sussex. 



I am currently a fellow at the University of Warwick Business School, researching the impact of COVID-19 on the Care Home sector.  The project reports in July 2022 ( 

I recently completed my PhD on employee ownership and alternative forms of organisation within public service delivery as a part-time mature student. My research focused on the meaning and value of ownership to staff within the health and social care field, and also the implications for non-managerial ways of teams, projects and workplace democracy. I focused on two case-studies using ethnographical and qualitative methods.

I continue to write and present in various fora about alternative forms of organising including The Cooperative Party, Involvement and Participation Association and within health and local government. As well as a researcher, I also continue to work part-time as a senior manager in the NHS and local authority field.  I leave for a full time post at The University of Brighton in April 2022. 

A very long time ago I graduated from the University of Nottingham in 1994 (Politics) and have completed a MSc (Management) from the University of Cardiff Medical School in 2010.

I also have various work related training and experience including PRINCE project and programme management and quality and service improvement.