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We are contributing to promote the cause of indigenous peoples around the globe, highlight issues of human rights, justice, social and gender equality, holistic development, provide an up-to-date report on the regions and people we support and share workshops, conferences, field work and current events.

Zuky Serper - WEH-GIS Analyst and Resident Artist

Zuky Serper is a GIS analyst and resident artist at the Centre for World Environmental History (CWEH) University of Sussex since 2013. His work on world environmental history GIS and art and education participatory practices, is integrated into the activist agenda of the centre, as set by its inspirational founder, environmental historian Richard Grove.

News items, other events and links

A blog from Dr Perpetua Kirby and Dr Rebecca Webb, about their IDCF-SSRP funded research which links with the Centre's work

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Network members protesting against Vedanta in London in May 2016:

Photos: Vedanta protests