Centre for World Environmental History

Funded projects archive

CWEH funded projects include:

  1. The East India Company and the Natural World 2005-2007 (Damodaran, Dsouza, Harrisson)- Funded by the British Academy-£20,000
  2. Environmental History of St Helena, Tobago, St Vincent and Montserrat 2004-5(Grove) - Funded by the British Academy- £6000
  3. Towards an environmental History of Lesotho: Foresting a Grassland (Funnell, Showers, Wardell) 2006-8- Funded by the Leverhulme Trust, £116,000
  4. Islands of inequality, Tobago and environmental history 2006-8 (Fairhead, Woodcock), Funded by the Leverhulme Trust, £40,000
  5. History of heritage legislation in India, South Africa and West Africa, 2009-2010 (Damodaran, Basu) (Shortlisted by the Leverhulme Trust)
  6. Anthropological perspectives on the state: land, logging and ‘corruption in Southern Nigeria. Dr. Pauline Von Hellermann was awarded a British Academy post-doctoral fellowship  1 Sep 2005 – 31 Aug 2008: £90,055
  7. Towards a New Engagement: Anthropology and Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis in Forest Resource Management in the Eastern Himalayas, Alex Aisher was awarded a British Academy Post-doctoral Fellowship 1 Sep 2007 – 21 Nov 2011 £201,398
  8. Botany, climate and Empire, 2010 (Damodaran) Funded by Research Development Fund
  9. Historical climatology, 2014,  (Research Development Fund, Damodaran)
  10. Materia Medica of The Indian Ocean, 2014-2017 Anna Winterbottom was awarded  a British Academy post-doctoral fellowship, £236,727
  11. Botanical and meteorological History of the Indian Ocean, 2012-2014 (Damodaran), £34,700
  12. Academia and Activism, early career network grant (Anna Winterbottom awarded £10,000 by the British Academy)
  13. Human-environment interaction in the Indian Ocean World 2014-2015 (Damodaran, Kniveton, Frogley), Funded by the Canadian Social Science Research Council, $100,000 £49, 420
  14. Climate change, uncertainty and social transformation in India, 2015-2017, (Damodaran) Funded by the Norwegian Research Council, £22,000