Centre for Advanced International Theory (CAIT)

2013 Sussex International Theory Prize

The 2013 Sussex International Theory Prize has been awarded to Daniel J. Levine (University of Alabama) for his book, Recovering International Relations: the Promise of Sustainable Critique (Oxford University Press, 2012).

It is not often that scholars dare to speak about the vocation of their discipline. Yet, Recovering International Relations presents just such a conception of International Relations and then proceeds to bridge the gap between this normative goal and the dangers of reification inherent in conceptualising political practices by using Theodor Adorno's work to develop 'the promise of sustainable critique'. Levine is an erudite scholar who manages to combine scope with depth. He also is a gifted writer who charts a clear and accessible path through complex philosophical and terminological thickets. Most importantly, however, in combining the courage to speak to the core concern of the discipline with humility and an eye to diversity, the study is itself an excellent example for 'the promise of sustainable critique'.

Professor Levine delivered the Prize lecture on 12th of February 2014.