Centre for Advanced International Theory (CAIT)

Lecture series

Sussex International Theory Lectures

CAIT organizes a number of lecture series designed to bring outstanding international theorists and cutting edge research in International Relations to Sussex.  

International Theory Lectures touch on both core concerns of international theorising and at the same time acknowledge the interdisciplinary influences of international theory. Previous speakers have included Priyamvada Gopal, Yanis Varoufakis, Vivek Chibber and Wendy Brown.

If you want to suggest a speaker or topic or if you look for further information, please contact cait@sussex.ac.uk.

CAIT International Theory Prize Lectures are convened to bring to Sussex the recipients of our prestigious CAIT Sussex International Theory Prize to lecture on their award winning research and future directions. Past Prize lecturers include Helen Kinsella, Daniel Levine, Karin M. Fierke and Alexander Anievas.

CAIT Workshop Keynote Addresses are organised periodically and offer to CAIT’s members and the wider Sussex communities world-renowned speakers on specific themes. Past Workshop Keynote Addresses were given by Fred R. Dallmayr, Peg Birmingham, Joanna Hodge, Laurence P. Hemming, Lisa Duggan, Jon Binnie, Vivienne Jabri, V. Spike Peterson, Rahul Rao and Dvora Yanow. 

Please see the sidebar for podcasts of selected lectures.