Department of Strategy and Marketing

International Business and Development Hub

Drawn from a need to reinforce our appreciation of how businesses not only can best respond to the variant institutional challenges and global crises, but also how they can have a meaningful impact upon them, the International Business and Development (IBD) Hub supports research on both (a) the impact that the institutional environments in home countries have upon firm strategies and (b) how firms’ strategies impact on, and interact with, host countries.

Our group conducts research on the interactions between large multinational enterprises (MNEs), small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), their partners in global value chains (GVCs), and the institutional environments within which they operate. We are one of the top centres of International Business research in the United Kingdom (Global Research Performance Database, 2017) while drawing upon the reputation of the University of Sussex as a renowned location for research on development studies (QS World University Rankings, 2019).