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Centre for International Business and Development

The Centre for International Business and Development (CIBD) is one of the top centres of International Business research in the United Kingdom (Global Research Performance Database, 2017), and draws upon the reputation of the University of Sussex as a renowned location for research on development studies (QS World University Rankings, 2019).

The Centre has recently been host to two highly successful international conferences: the 2012 conference of the European International Business Academy (EIBA) and the 2019 conference of the UK & Ireland Chapter of the Academy of International Business (AIB-UKI). The CIBD is led by Professor Vicky Bamiatzi, and there are twelve core faculty.

We undertake both quantitative and qualitative research, and are open to the full range of research methodologies and theoretical perspectives. Our current research embraces three broad themes, and involves a wide variety of projects considering the interactions between large multinational enterprises (MNEs), small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), their partners in global value chains (GVCs), and the institutional environments within which they operate.

MNE Governance and Strategy

MNEs and SMEs are major players in international business, and our work under this theme highlights their internationalization strategies, entry mode and location decisions, divestment motives, and non-market strategies. Additional work focuses on how ownership structures (e.g. State, family, institutional) and corporate governance (including Board) characteristics impact upon firm strategies.

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Global Value Chains and Networks

Most contemporary goods and services generally involve value-creating activities located in several countries, with these activities linked together through global value chains (GVCs) and networks. Some of these GVCs are internalized within MNEs, but others may be externalized (outsourced) and involve many independent partners. Our work considers how these organizationally-fragmented and geographically-dispersed GVCs are coordinated, and by whom? Additionally we look at knowledge transfers, reverse knowledge transfers, and lateral knowledge transfers within MNEs.

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Institutional Context and Development

The increasing significance of the “emerging economies” and of “emerging economy multinationals” (EMNEs) in the global economy has brought into focus the importance of the institutional environments in MNEs’ home countries in hindering and/or facilitating the international strategies of those MNEs. Our work also addresses the potential economic and social developmental impacts of MNEs on host countries, and broader issues related to corporate social responsibility.

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Further contributions

The CIBD faculty also contribute to several researcher mobilization groups within the Business School, notably the Supply Chain 4.0 Research Hub and the International Trade & Foreign Direct Investment Research Group.

Editorial Boards

The CIBD faculty serve on the Editorial Boards of many IB and Management journals, in addition to providing ad hoc reviews for other journals:

  • Vassiliki Bamiatzi is an Associate Editor of the Rutgers Business Review, and on the Editorial Boards of International Studies of Management & Organization and of Journal of Business Research.
  • Steven Brieger is on the Editorial Review Board of Small Business Economics.
  • John Da Silva Luiz is on the Editorial Boards of the Journal of International Business Policy, Transnational Corporations, South African Journal of Business Management, and Journal of Development Perspectives.
  • Stephan Manning is a Senior Editor of Management and Organization Review.
  • Marianna Marra is on the Editorial Board of the British Journal of Management.
  • Roger Strange is an Associate Editor of the International Business Review, a Senior Editor of the Asia Pacific Journal of Management, and on the Editorial Review Boards of the Journal of International Business Studies, the Global Strategy Journal, the Asia Pacific Business Review, and the Journal of Management & Governance.

Awards & Prizes

The CIBD faculty have been the recipients of several major awards and prizes in recent years including three Temple/AIB Best Paper Prizes in the past six years (2017, 2015, 2014).

  • Roger Strange won the 2018 Emerald Literati Outstanding Paper Award for Strange & Zucchella (MBR, 2017), ‘Industry 4.0, global value chains and international business.’
  • Vikrant Shirodkar and Roger Strange won the Research in International Business and Finance Best Paper Award at the 2018 AIB-UKI Annual Conference for Wu, Strange, & Shirodkar ‘MNE divestments of foreign affiliates: does the strategic role of the affiliate have an impact?’
  • Roger Strange won the Temple/AIB Best Paper Prize at the 2017 AIB Annual Conference for Murtinu, Scalera & Strange (2017), ‘Sovereign wealth funds’ internationalization strategies: the roles of politicization and bilateral ties.’
  • Stephan Manning won the 2017 Journal of Management Studies Best Paper Award for Levy, Reinecke & Manning (JMS, 2016), ‘The political dynamics of sustainable coffee: contested value regimes and the transformation of sustainability.’
  • Stephan Manning won the 2016 Emerald Management Reviews Citation of Excellence (3-year) Award for Larsen, Manning & Pedersen (SMJ, 2013), ‘Uncovering the hidden costs of offshoring: the interplay of complexity, organizational design and experience.’
  • Palitha Konara and Vikrant Shirodkar won the Danny Van Den Bulcke Best Paper Award at the 2016 EIBA Annual Conference for Konara & Shirodkar, ‘Institutional distance and subsidiary performance: climbing up vs. climbing down the institutional ladder.’
  • Stephan Manning won the Temple/AIB Best Paper Prize at the 2015 AIB Annual Conference for Manning & Larsen, ‘Does institutional distance still matter? Industry standards and global sourcing location choices.’
  • Yong Yang won the Temple/AIB Best Paper Prize at the 2014 AIB Annual Conference for Gaur, Yang & Singh, ‘Strategic location in the global value chain and foreign subsidiary performance: evidence from 105 countries.’
  • Yong Yang won the Douglas Nigh Award in the IM Division at the 2014 Academy of Management Annual Conference for Yang & Singh, ‘Foreign subsidiary location strategy and financial performance: a global value chain perspective.’


The academic faculty in the CIBD are fully involved in the teaching activities of the Business School, and contribute primarily to the International Business BSc (and related undergraduate degrees) and the International Management MSc. A new flagship MSc in International Business & Development is currently in the approval process, and this will hopefully be available for the 2021-22 academic year.