Department of Strategy and Marketing


The Department of Strategy and Marketing addresses today's challenges by conducting research that contributes to debates with businesses and policy makers. Our research is driven by the desire to develop new perspectives and rigorous methodologies that further inspire thoughtful scholarship, with the work of our academics combining world-class research and teaching excellence.

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In this context, small as well as large companies need to acquire tools to systematically analyse the industrial ecosystem, understand the policy environment and swiftly adapt to change.

In today’s dynamic business environment, the quest for competitive advantage becomes ever more difficult. Industries are merging, home markets are global, customers and suppliers become partners, and the ability to innovate remains one of the few qualities firms can sustainably rely on.

The ability to tap into global pockets of knowledge and to integrate new ideas from diverse countries, cultures and stakeholders becomes a critical prerequisite for success, as companies experiment with new corporate structures, coordination and control mechanisms and establish partnerships with external players. 

How do we conduct our research?

Research by our academics is predominantly empirical and is conducted in a variety of diverse contexts, such as emerging and mature economies, in small entrepreneurial and large multinational companies, and with CEOs as well as end consumers.

See our case study: Improving financing services to SMEs by a high street bank in the UK

By presenting our academic research regularly at international academic conferences and publishing in the top academic journals, we seek to contribute to the academic discourse and also engage actively with business leaders and policy makers to disseminate our findings.

To this end, faculty members play an active role in professional societies and international conferences and host events with industry leaders.

Research groups

Research seminars

We hold frequent research seminars during term time, which feature research in progress from within the Department as well as insights from guest speakers.