Department of Strategy and Marketing


Using Text Analytics Tools to Improve Online Reputation: Evidence from a Field Experiment and a Lab Study

Thursday 30 January from 12:30 until 14:00
JUB - G32
Strategy and Marketing seminars
Professor Andrea Ordanini

Abstract With the advent of online review platforms, reputation management has become important for marketing managers.

The School for Organisers

Wednesday 19 February from 14:00 until 16:00
JUB- 118
Organisational Behaviour/ Human Resource Management
Martin Parker

Abstract  In 2018, my book, Shut Down the Business School was published, and it made the argument that business schools teach capitalism. This...

Proto-CSR Before the Industrial Revolution: Institutional Experimentation by Medieval Miners’ Guilds

Thursday 5 March from 12:30 until 14:00
JUB - G32
Marketing research seminars
Dr Stefan Hielscher

Abstract  In this paper, we argue that antecedents of modern corporate social responsibility (CSR) prior to the Industrial Revolution can be...

Masters Open Day

Saturday 7 March from 12:30 until 16:00

Invigorate your career, deepen your understanding of a subject you love, or discover new areas of study with a Masters degree at Sussex.