Marketing, Consumption and Innovation

The mission of the Marketing, Consumption and Innovation (MC&I) research group is to develop a deeper knowledge of how organizations understand and deliver value to their customers, clients or users. The group has a particular focus on service and cultural sector organizations.

It includes eleven people, led by Michael Beverland:

The group’s research is focused on two themes: consumption; marketing and innovation.


This theme draws on the rich traditions of consumer psychology, consumer culture theory and behaviourism to explore issues of identity, service interaction, technology adoption and use, user experience, the normalization of harmful practices, and the improvement of consumer wellbeing. Specific topics include financial decision making, authentication and brand choice, identity and service conflict, and the role of new technologies in enhancing online experiences.

Our group enjoys use of a newly-developed Behavioural Lab, links with scholars in psychology, consumption-focused courses, and engagement in communities such as Transformative Consumer Research. We cover a range of different topics, but our focus is always driven by an interest in behavior change.

Primary researchers in this group include Michael Beverland, Maja Golf-Papez, Debbie Keeling, and Dominik Piehlmeier.

Consumption themes include:

  • How brands craft national identity (Michael Beverland)
  • Consumers’ experiences of authenticity (Michael Beverland)
  • Consumer work and reengagement with analog technology (Michael Beverland)
  • Animals and consumption (Michael Beverland)
  • Advances in digital technology and policy interventions to protect vulnerable consumers (Maja Golf Papez)
  • Understanding human over-reliance on technology (Maja Golf Papez)
  • Renegotiating the personalization-privacy paradox (Maja Golf Papez)
  • Understanding spokesperson’s credibility in the post-truth era (Maja Golf Papez)
  • The impact of learning on earning and motivating resellers to engage in enablement programmes (Debbie Keeling)
  • The dark side of engagement (Debbie Keeling)
  • Citizens’ perspectives and behaviours in health and wellbeing self-management (Debbie Keeling)
  • The impact of entrepreneur psychology on behaviour and innovation outcomes (Ngoc Luu & Xuan Huy Nguyen)
  • Overconfidence and behavioural finance (Dominik Piehlmaier)

Marketing and Innovation

This theme focuses on a range of issues related to creating and delivering new value to users. With a cross-disciplinary approach leveraging design, consumer insights, marketing, operations, strategy, psychology and cultural studies, our research on innovation focuses on the role of design in enhancing organization outcomes, the intersection of branding and innovation, the process and practice of new product and new service development, capabilities for innovation, service innovation (development and launch), and the role of interfirm relationships in enhancing innovativeness.

Primary researchers in this group include Michael Beverland, Ngoc Luu, Mariachiara Restuccia, and Chris Storey.

Marketing and innovation themes include:

  • The role of design is shaping brand innovation and ambidexterity (Michael Beverland)
  • Managing marketplace authenticity through brands and innovation (Michael Beverland)
  • Design thinking and service disruption (Michael Beverland)
  • Exploring the paradox of craft innovation (Michael Beverland)
  • Consumer culture theory: insights for innovators (Michael Beverland)
  • Innovating for non-human customers (Michael Beverland)
  • New services development (Chris Storey)
  • Supplier development (Ngoc Luu)
  • New product development (Mariachiara Restuccia)
  • The value of marketing channel awards (Mariachiara Restuccia)
  • Customer involvement in new service development (Mariachiara Restuccia & Chris Storey)
  • Innovation as a source of competitive advantage within service industries (Chris Storey).

MC&I staff also contribute to several researcher mobilisation groups within the Business School, notably the Innovation and Project Management group.