Artificial Intelligence

The AI Research Mobilisation Group brings together members of the University of Sussex Business School around topics such as AI policy, management, economics, or the use of Machine Learning in research. The aim of the group is to understand how the development of AI affects society by exploring a wide range of interconnected topics and bringing together academics from different domains.

Our research is interdisciplinary in nature, and includes the following research interests: how will AI affect industrial dynamics through innovation, together with the role that science plays in this development; how are AI-related policies designed and implemented building on balancing economic, ethical and societal considerations; and finally how does AI impact on employment and the workforce. 

We hold a regular reading group, workshops and masterclasses, and an annual lecture. The 2020 Inaugural Lecture was given by Prof Ed Steinmueller (SPRU) on 30 October 2020. The 2021 AI Lecture of the University of Sussex Business School will take place on 1 October 2021. 



The Group is lead by Frédérique Bone and Simone Vannuccini.

More than 50 members of faculty and PhD students are involved or participate in the activities of the group. For a full list, please contact the Mobilisers or access the group Canvas page (only for University of Sussex staff).


We are fully involved in the teaching activities of the Business School and contribute primarily to the Science and Technology Policy MSc through the following modules:

  • Introductory Data Science for Innovation
  • Artificial Intelligence and Policies for Technological Revolutions


For any enquiries, email Frédérique Bone - or Simone Vannuccini -